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LinkedIn For Business: How You Can Generate Infinite Leads From It?

Linked In

Are you considering LinkedIn just another social media platform? You may use it to build a connection, use it as a blog writing website, and share knowledge with your audience. If you are performing this, then you are limiting the function of LinkedIn, especially when you are a business person.

You might get shocked to know that 80% of the lead generation is occurring with LinkedIn. Even this leaves behind the top application, like Twitter and Facebook. Many users share their journey, how they use this platform to grow their firm. Though, it is not easy to generate leads because it needs strategies and planning too.

We have covered top methods to generate more leads below.

Top Ways to Drag More Leads For Businesses 

Here, we have covered 5 easy to follow methods that can help you to get more leads in less time.


  1. Show What Users Want To See  

What you see at first when you get the request from an unknown person on LinkedIn? People generally check:

  • Profile Photo
  • Description of your profession
  • Feed

These are the three basic eye-catching things on LinkedIn. Now, imagine yourself at the place of one who is sending the request. If you do not have any professional photos and do not adequately mention the profile description, do you expect the person to accept the request from your side? The answer must be NO.

LinkedIn is a very professional site, and it is the reason that makes it different from other social media sites. You have to mention your working, and how you can add value to their lives. If you send them some random request, then the chances of acceptance are low. So, create an attractive profile.

  1. Approach One Who Makes Choices 

If you are sending the request to everyone who comes to your feed, then you are making a huge mistake. The reason is genuine that not everyone wants to take your services. For example, if you think that sending a request or building a connection with the CEO will help you, then you live in a utopian world.

Now, for the best results, you have to approach those who make a decision, like HR or senior manager. They can reach to you if they find interest in your product, and take further steps. So, whenever you make choices, remember one thing that the person must be one who makes choices for the company.

  1. Do Not Overlook The Old Connections 

It may happen that you have been managing LinkedIn for more than six months to one year. You must generate some leads, but now they do not fit your aim. In this scenario, you can remove them or, in other cases, use them for the subsequent steps.

In many cases, old connections help the owners to generate leads. It is generally true because, on LinkedIn, you make a secure connection that can work for you anytime. So, when you have old leads, put them again at work and convert them into a customer for a longer time.

Here, everyone with whom you have made connections took so much time and excellent communication. So, it would be better if you don’t let them go.

  1. Deliver The Target Audience

Targeting the audience is always an indispensable part of the business. We use this for different genres, but numerous times owners forget to follow in social sites, like LinkedIn. Suppose you are loan provider firms and specialised in providing cash Cash loans for unemployed in Ireland.

People will only reach you when they need such kind of loans. You may provide an attractive description of the product and grab those interested in borrowing money. But, doing manually may consume time, so in this case, you can select LinkedIn premium services.

The monthly subscription of LinkedIn can provide you with many benefits, such as:

  • Wider Audience
  • Who is visiting your profile and how many times?
  • Accurate stats about post reaching
  • Only those who are interested can message you

Getting premium has several benefits and helps you to generate more “EFFECTIVE” leads. You can apply for silver options too to access the more professional social media.

  1. Use Data In The Correct Form 

It is correct that you have to collect data and send messages to them regarding the messages. If you do this multiple times and share the same text with the hundreds of the people, this will be deemed as SPAM.

Properly using the data is imperative, and for this, you can get the premium services. You can send the message related to your product to hundreds of people at once.

These are the ways that can support you in generating the lead from the most important social sites LinkedIn. You can direct them, and see how easily you are growing business, but make sure you are continuously strengthening the presence of the company on LinkedIn.

Jasmine Watson Is a Senior Finance adviser in Easy cheap loans. Her Expertise Loans For Unemployed, Doorstep loans, etc.. She is a blogger writes for different blogging platforms to spread financial awareness among the people of the UK.