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Some of the best sports out there with long historical history are physical games such as basketball, soccer (football for Europeans), baseball, rugby and more.

Traditionally they have turned over huge sponsorship deals, gate receipts, merchandise business and franchises all helping to pay for the team income. Now there are online games that conjure up sponsorship deals, crowds in arenas and huge prize pools for the professionals that play the games – one of the most popular now is League of Legends.

What does this mean?

It means there is another huge prize pool up for grabs. In Season 5 the winning team won $1 million in prize money. This year the famous ELO e-sport is expected to pay the winning team far more.

The teams consist of 5 players, 1 sub and a coach. They have their own contracts that divvy up the winning amounts. Now $1 million in terms of large sports is not the largest amount of cash out there. Nonetheless, if we consider that this is an online fighting game, then $1 million is huge.

Many people play this game using a VPN which you can find more about on this blog VPN Blog. This helps them to play versus players in other regions that are not so toxic. Areas such as SEA can be quite cruel and full of immature kids or adults that act like little kids when they play this game.

To get a more mature experience and to become a better player, many players are flocking to VPNs to seek out the best servers with the best players. Those that play as a team are the ones that naturally progressive further in the game.

What is League of Legends?

It is an e-sport strategy/fighting game whereby 2 teams of 5 fight it out on a preset map with 3 lanes with the aim to destroy each other’s base.

Each team player is controlled by an individual. As you can imagine, you have to rely on your teammates a lot and their ability to work with you. Each player has over 130 characters to choose from known as Champions. Every Champion has individual qualities such as magic, strength or agility. Some are support Champions that heal Champions that are built for fighting.

There is a lot more to it than this. I mean the way you pick the teams, Champions and tactics can make or break a game.

A Career in Fighting Games

Many of the pro-League of Legend players never dreamt that they would be superstar online gamers known to a huge following of millions of fans worldwide. This is yet alone to us as individuals ever guessing that a computer game would become a sport – or at least an e-sport as it is known today.

These teams are now making a very tidy living from the game. Furthermore, this is not the only online computer game of its type to conjure up such a huge amount of money to dish out.

This year Dota 2 (another e-sport game), a game very similar to League of Legends. The winners of this game, which by and large is a replica of League of Legends, paid out a total prize pool of $20 million.

Here’s how the top 4 spots got on:

1st – $9,139,002

2nd – $3,427,126

3rd – $2,180,898

4th – $1,453,932

Resource for these prizes came from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/League_of_Legends_World_Championship)

As you can see. The new era is breeding a huge rise in e-sports gaming and with it comes massive prize payouts. This is not the only e-sport that is rising into fame with million $$$ prize pools as another game which is League of Legends main rival and known as Dota 2 which is a spinoff of LOL is also one of the most popular e-sport games online today.

Dota 2 has prize pools of up to $25 million for its main international tournament which is put on once per year. While throughout the year there are many other tournaments with prize pools into the $10 million mark.

As you can imagine, both of these games create a loyal following of viewers on streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube. With that comes sponsorships for the teams. Couple sponsorship money and the huge prize pools and the pros in both LOL and Dota 2 take their gaming very seriously.

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