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Landing Page: 5 rules of Landing Page!

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If you want the landing on your landing page to be applause and without any “turbulence,” there are some rules that you absolutely must know and join Best PPC Services Agency in New York.

Yes, because giving free rein to your imagination is not always a great idea if you are dealing with a landing page. Creativity (as always) is important to stand out from your competitors and emerge, however, the landing page is not just creativity.

Because the goal comes first. And the goal of a landing page is not just to attract the attention of your target towards a particular product and/or service. Indeed, to tell the truth, the goal is even more concrete and practical: to sell.

Focus: never lose sight of the goal

Focusing on the goal is therefore the first fundamental requirement to write a perfect landing page. In this regard, remember that a landing (or squeeze page) is not a homepage. So avoid presenting your company, your products, your mission, etc. etc. but always remember what the goal is: to sell that particular product or service and join Best PPC Services Agency is New York.

We have talked at other times about the importance of the purchasing process in the field of lead generation and how the web has amplified the power of the purchasing process at the expense of the sales one.

1.It must be understood in seconds

Remember your worst enemy online, which is the bounce rate. Those who do not understand your offer within a few seconds will leave your site to continue their search on Google and stop on the pages of some of your competitors and Best PPC Services Agency in New York.

I know you get goosebumps just thinking about it …

So to avoid this tremendous risk you need to create a landing page that is clear and simple. Sometimes just a title, a couple of lines of explanation, and a list with the characteristics that make that particular product unique are enough. You have a few seconds to capture the attention of your target: don’t waste them and join Best PPC Services Agency in New York.

2.It must be the right length

Long landing pages convert more. Often we hear this saying and it is probably true that a user who is really interested in buying will gladly read even rather long texts. As long as they are detailed and precise in providing him with all the information he seeks, not just verbose. On the other hand, there are those who argue that a short and impactful text can hit the target earlier and better.

3.Never give the user alternatives

That sounds almost like a threat, but it’s not. Or at least it’s not that bad. The point is that you happen to see landing pages around that have links to other pages or direct access to other sections.

Nothing more wrong. The links on the landing are like Kryptonite for Superman. The landing is a sales page so distracting your potential customer with other sections or other products and/or services means moving away from (and away from) the final purpose. Ban links and any other way out of your page other than the contact form and join Digital Marketing Agency in New York.

4.Leverage your testimonials

Listing the advantages, or rather the benefits for the user of your product and/or service is certainly the first thing to do for a successful lp, but it is not the only one. I know I just told you to focus on the final goal and avoid digressions, however, there is an additional element that you can insert in your landing to increase its persuasive power and that is the testimonials and join Digital Marketing Agency in New York.

5.Look at the form

It may seem trivial to you, but even the most effective of landing pages can be ruined by a simple form. That’s right. Each winning landing must have a contact form that is consistent with the rest of the page and, just as we have already said about the creation of the landing, equally clear and immediate, and join Digital Marketing Agency in New York.

A few more “tips.

Having said that, pay attention to a couple of stylistic details in the creation of the form such as the alignment of the text, the chromatic consistency of the box with the rest of the page, and, of course, the absence of typos. Wouldn’t it be a shame to have managed to entice your potential customer to the point of convincing him to fill out the contact form and fall for the best part? I say yes and join Digital Marketing Agency in New York.