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ITI full form | What is the full form of ITI ?

Talking about the present time, every person has to earn money, but it is not easy to earn good money. To earn money, if someone works, someone does business.
The most important thing you need to do any job is the study or your skills. The government has several private institutes to develop their skills for students. Where they are made eligible to do the job.
ITI full form
One such institute, ITI, which we are about to know. After doing this, students can also earn money while studying.
You must have heard about ITI. In this post, we will know what is the full form of ITI, what is ITI and who knows complete information about similar ITI.
Without wasting much time, let’s first know what is the full form of ITI –

ITI full form

I – Industrial
T – Training
I – Institute
The full form of ITI is Industrial Training Institute.

What is ITI?

ITI is an engineering and non-engineering course. Where training is given for doing jobs in industries or companies. After completing the course, you are given an NCVT certificate. These courses are conducted under DGET.
It is a popular institute. In which there are different trades. By which you can work in various government and private companies. In ITI you develop your skills, you are prepared to do a job.
It is an engineering and non-engineering course. This course can be done by boys as well as girls. There are many types of courses here.

What is taught in ITI?

Based on the syllabus in ITI, you pay more attention to theory than theory, because you are trained because your skills are developed in the ITI course after which you are able to get a job. After this, you can do a government or private job.

How much does ITI cost?

You can also do an ITI course in government institutes or private institutes. If you do ITI in a government institute, then you do not have to pay any fees here.
Some eligibility is required which we will talk about further. If you do it in a private institute, then you may have to pay fees according to the course there.

Course Duration of ITI?

A variety of courses are available at ITI, most of which are of 1-2 years.

How to get admission in ITI?

To get admission in ITI, apply on your state official website. For this, you get some required documents. The admission form opens every year in the month of July or August.

ITI course

There are more than 100 different trades in ITI. These courses are divided into two parts.
  • Engineering trade
  • Non-engineering trade

Eligibility for ITI courses

To get admission in ITI, you must have passed at least 10th. Each course has different eligibility criteria.
Your percentage on the 10th should not be less than 35%. Talking about age, the minimum should not be more than 14 years and a maximum of 40 years.

ITI course benefits

The first benefit of taking an ITI course can be that you do not have to give much time for these courses, its courses are of 1-2 years.
Students who want to earn money during their studies are a good advantage for them because they can do this course even after the 10th.
After the ITI course, you can get a job easily.

What to do after the ITI course?

After the ITI course, you can do any job you want. Apart from this, you can also do apprenticeship training in a government or private company.
After the ITI course, a student diploma can also take direct admission in the second year of engineering.


What is B.com? | B.com full form

What is B.com What is the full form of B.comDuration of the B.com course. How to do a B.com course, what eligibility is required to do it? 
Such questions are in your mind and you do not know the answers to these questions and if you want to know, then keep reading, I am going to answer your questions related to B.com in this post.
 So let’s get started, first of all, we know that

What are B.Com and its full form?

B – Bachelor
Com – Commerce


B.com has full form – Bachelor of Commerce.
B.com is a degree course. Those students who study from commerce stream do it in B.com college. Students of commerce have a bachelor’s degree.
In the B.Com course, students are taught on subjects such as Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Management, Business, Business Mathematics.
For those students who are not able to take admission in science stream, this is a good career stream subject. After B.com you can do courses like M.com, MBA, and CA.



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