Important Points Users Should Know About Replacing MacBook Pro Battery


If you are using MacBook Pro, then you have to be informed about certain facts. If your MacBook is a few months old, then it’s battery needs to be replaced. Over-used up battery conditions will directly affect the performance and speed of the device.

Regularly you may have to keep track of its battery condition. If signs are visible, then it is better to get started with the battery replacement procedure.

You should always consider searching for the MacBook Pro battery replacement procedure online. If you are not a MacBook expert, then DIY exercise should be avoided.

You have to keep in mind that new versions of the MacBook have an in-built battery unit. Replacing battery tasks should only be carried out by MacBook Pro expert technicians. 

Mid 2009 onwards models

Replacing the battery for the old MacBook is not difficult, but if you have one that was manufactured after 2009, then the process could be a little bit complicated. For such models, it is better to hire professional technicians.

Check with the battery unit if it is glued in type or not. For glued-in type models, you should never experiment. There certainly is no shortcut to remove the battery from the device. The standard procedure has to be followed, so the device does not get damaged.

Always contact MacBook store

The task should always be left to the experts. This means that if your MacBook Pro shows signs of a weak battery or does not get fully charged, then you should rush to the nearby store. Always try and select registered MacBook store

Just visit them personally or speak to them and let them known of the battery status. You may have to submit your device with them for one or two days

Always get the old and new battery tested

You certainly have a faulty charging point. This is also one of the reasons the battery may not get fully charged. So before you replace the old battery, as the technical person to check it’s validity period. Even if the battery is replaced, you have to check with the new battery.

Allow the MacBook Pro device to fully charge and discharge once before using it to its full potential. For a new set of batteries, advanced testing is essential.

You can charge your MacBook Air using either of the Thunderbolt 3 ports on your computer. The battery charges more quickly when the computer is off or in sleep.

Understand the warranty coverage

MacBook Pro is an expensive device and you are going to invest big money in getting the device battery replaced. This means that each set of the new battery will always carry some warranty period on them. In general they are warranted for one year after replacement.

During this time the battery is well covered by the protection plan. This is one important factor that you have to understand before you pay for the device.

Authorized dealers will always offer you with this warranty card. Cross-check in advance before you accept any pay conditions.

count charge cycle

Macbook Pro has to be charged every time it loses its battery power This means the battery life is dependent on the charge rate. The device carries a fixed warranty on its battery life. Once this warranty period is met, the MacBook Pro battery needs to be replaced.

This is where most MacBook Pro owners make mistake – they overlook common signs of weak battery. The moment you charge the device another time, its battery life gets degraded. The moment this happens, your device is a step closer to replacing battery.

You should try and maintain its battery charge count physically so you are aware when it needs to be repaced on time. 

Avoid over-consuming battery

It is important to charge the device even before it loses its charge. This will offer with twin benefits -the device will perform best and your device will have better battery life-span. so if you have consumed nearly fifty percent of the battery life, you should consider charging it.

Fully discharged MacBook pro will never perform the way it should. There are also chances that battery may wear out much earlier in time and may need replacement.

MacBook Pro is a device that is very expensive. So you have to do everything to take best care of it. If the battery is functional, then your device is also functional. Checking with its health on regular basis will improve its life span.