Importance of a good SEO management

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Why does online success depend on good management and efficient use of SEO resources? Does it really affect the reach of the brand and the way it is perceived?

There are several elements and factors to consider obtaining good SEO management, since it is about providing an experience to users in which it is sought to convert them into clients and also to remain “loyal” to the brand.

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The 11 Most Important Parts of SEO You Need to Get Right

But through what means is it done? There are two media, digital and social; In the case of digital media, work is done in only one way: from the company to the client. There is no predetermined communication, so it is vital that the information and experience provided be of the highest quality, but this can be supported with social media which is a two-way medium (brand-client, client-brand) and allows enriching the experience through communications with users.

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To properly handle digital media, it must be taken into account that there are three types: own, earned and paid. They must be balanced to have an optimal result, since they have different attributions from each other that are completed.

Own media is content generated by the brand itself and through its networks, livestock is content generated by users and paid ones, which are ads or paid campaigns.

 Although there are other tools or platforms that are also useful to give a good user experience such as blogs, 61% say they feel more identified when they have a blog since it allows you to relate on a you-to-you level with the brand or company and also allows the page to be indexed up to more than 400% compared to the pages that are not related to a blog and if the content is good quality your connections increase by 97% and even more.

Now we have a page, we have linked it to a blog and we produce quality content to be published … but what does the page look like? How does it work, is it friendly, is its design attractive? The issue does not end with having a page, uploading content and now.

 Well no, it is also about providing an experience to the user that influences them to spend time on the page, visit it frequently, that is popular in the brand’s area of ​​action and that its indexing allows a flow of visits to the page (these can be from search engines or other pages).

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Generate an optimal user experience (UX) It is beneficial because it helps the brand by adding added value due to the convenience it generates for the user and the ease with which the user searches for information or makes a purchase. It is important to note that it is not necessary to cover the entire web, if not to focus on those indices or areas in which the brand has a field of action, then it is explained why.

To be efficient in SEO methodology and processes (efficiency being another key element for good SEO management), 5 steps must be followed:

Discover the customer

You have to determine the area of ​​action of the brand, to whom it is going to sell and how. Since trying to reach everyone is expensive and ineffective as you are trying to reach those who have no interest or need for your brand, it would be the equivalent of biting off more than they can chew.

Keyword analysis

Search engines work with an index of keywords, which are used to carry out searches with the content stored on the web. So it is essential to create a list of keywords related to the brand’s action area.

Content optimization

Search engines tend to prioritize those pages with unique content and are also related to keywords, unique or infrequent keywords tend to yield more specific results and with less competition.


It is mainly based on page traffic (number of visits received), but it is important to focus on unique traffic, which is the number of users who visit instead of the number of times the page is accessed (the same user can visit various parts of the page causing an erroneous reading).

Follow up

Monitoring is not critical, but it is necessary to report the evolution and behavior of the page or networks on the web. It is the way to measure or count the increases or decreases in the statistics of the page. The metric or reference elements are called KPI’s. With this we will know if a good SEO management was achieved or not.

“To ensure that a KPI is really useful and functional for your business, it is necessary to observe some important aspects. First of all, the company needs to recreate the fundamental issues to understand which objectives should be monitored by the indicator, how they will be achieved and who can do it based on the information generated. At this time, it is necessary to involve all professionals related to the process, ensuring a more collaborative work”.