How to wear  heel boots?  Can we wear high boots over jeans? Are boots flattering with strong calves? What about when we are little? What’s the best way to wear tall boots ? Tall boots can transform your outfits. With the right pair of high boots , paired with the right clothes, you will have a really hot look! We finally see few women with beautiful high boots to wear well in the street, it’s a shame. Boots bring style and comfort , so I invite you to follow my advice if you also want to look lovely in boots

1: High Boots and Pants

To the question “Can we wear fur heel boots over jeans?” I answer: Yes, of course you can wear your boots over pants . But, there are a few conditions to respect if you want to be on top with your boots and pants. A few years ago, the pants-high boots look was done all over the place. Just wearing pants (often jeans ) with tall boots was enough to make you look stylish. I caricature, but it was almost that, it was in any case the big trend of the time!

Obviously, like all fashion trends, it had a lightning end! Once the trend had passed, the mix of pants and fur heel boots had become outdated… For my part, as you know, I hate fashion trends! That’s why I don’t care if it’s trending or not right now. A timeless and stylish pair of boots paired with the right tight pants is a combination that works!

Tall Boots and Jeans: Morphology

If you want to have style with your high boots worn over your jeans, take care of every detail. Your look must be impeccable and it must flatter your body. To wear high boots with jeans , your jeans need to be very tight and your boots have to fit your calves well. Such a look will be more flattering on a figure with little rounded hips. Women who have an H, V or X morphology with slightly rounded hips will be enhanced by this type of combination of jeans + high boots.

Outfits with High Boots and Pants to Avoid

Here are some examples in pictures of outfits with high boots and jeans that I advise you not to wear on a daily basis. These are two looks that in my opinion are a little neglected, not very elegant. These looks lack subtlety and modernity. These are go-anywhere outfits that we do not pay special attention to in the street.

Outfit with high boots not very elegant. Here we have a look that is sorely lacking in style and elegance. The top is too complicated, the pants lack chic and the boots are much too heavy for her figure. The pieces are poorly chosen, the look seems neglected.

Outfits with high boots and jeans to favor

When it comes to pairing high boots with pants, I have a clear preference for black boots with low heels or slightly higher heels (5 to 8cm), but thick. Associated for example with nice pants very close to the body, a sweater and an elegant coat, it can be very nice!




Outfit with elegant high boots. Here we have a super stylish and really chic outfit. We have a woolen coat, tight-fitting khaki pants and little black thigh-high boots with small heels. This outfit with high boots  works really well, it has a rather timeless character, thanks to the cuts of the chosen clothes and the sober colors. This is what means that such a look will still be perceived as stylish in 5 years, even in 10 years!

 Riding Boots with Black Pants. There we also have a look with really nice high boots . We have a nice pair of black riding boots , tight- fitting black pants and a woolen coat. The outfit is in the same style as the previous one and again it works very well again for the same reasons.

Which High Boots when you have strong calves?

Overall, if you have strong calves, boots aren’t exactly ideal for you. It won’t necessarily be ugly, but it won’t be great either. Boots on strong calves mostly have a magnifying effect on the calves. They really put emphasis on the calves and add thickness around.

Tall Boots

Now let’s move on to the answer to the question: “Can we wear tall boots when we are little ?” “

If you are petite, boots are also not the best for you. They will tend to compress your figure, because they cut the legs in half. However, this shrinking effect cancels out or at least diminishes if you wear black heeled boots with black jeans or a pair of black tights. The tone on tone black effect will allow you to avoid having a silhouette that seems compact visually.

You can also choose to wear your heeled boots next to the skin, showing your skin will also reduce the shrinking effect on your figure. So overall what you really should avoid doing if you are petite is to wear boots with pants of a different color than your boots and even more if they are flat boots!

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