How to Use Pay Per Click Advertising?

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a common type of online advertising on search engines and social media websites. Most pay-per-click ads are designed to appear when a user uses certain keywords . Pay-per-click ads and search engine optimization are the most common ways companies try to rank high in search results.

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Search results and advertising generate approximately 30 percent of business traffic on the web . Unlike traditional advertising methods, PPC ads only cost the advertiser money when people click the hyperlink to their site. The success of pay-per-click advertising depends on keyword research, campaign tracking, and online content. For most sites, advertising success is not simply measured in increased ad traffic, but also in the amount of sales that occur. Learn how to use pay-per-click advertising.

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How to Use Pay Per Click Advertising? 3

PPC ad planning

It is impossible to track the value of a PPC ad if you don’t have website traffic data before the ad appears. Assign someone to collect your sales and traffic data from your website for at least 1 month, so that you can judge the results of the PPC campaign based on this data.

One of the best ways to increase your chances of success with a PPC ad is to develop a landing page for your ad that is packed with high-quality content. A landing page that caters to your ideal customer and provides specific information will often have a better chance of success than a general landing page. Many PPC advertising programs allow you to set a daily maximum, so that your ad does not show when it has reached the desired number of clicks. Decide how long you want to run ads, such as 1 month, and choose a daily budget that will keep you profitable.

PPC ad creation

It is important to know precisely who you are selling to in order to market to you. If you were in your place, what keywords would you search to find your product? What websites and applications would you visit? The more you can identify about your target audience (customer), the better your paid traffic campaign will be tailored and the more likely it is to be successful.

Whether it’s on social media sites or search engine PPC programs, search keywords are the determining factor in who sees your ad. Choose specific, high-value keywords that are tailored to search engines who want to buy, not just search. PPC ads can be very easy to create on Google and Facebook; however, the headlines, text, and images determine whether they are an attractive consumer ad. Hire a graphic designer to design banner ads and use words.

Most PPC ads allow you to bid on the amount you pay per click. Remember that large companies are likely to easily outbid small businesses for popular search terms, so choose your keywords carefully.

PPC advertising campaigns

If you’re testing different keywords or products, you can determine in a week or two which ads will work best for your business. Most PPC advertising programs allow you to track your progress daily on your account screen, as well as through sales on your own website . If you continue to return to your account to change the wording, images or links, the data collection will be interrupted. It’s best to refine your ad by trying a few different search terms or copywriting options, and then closing the ad when you can see what works best.

Compare your PPC ad campaign to your benchmark data. Unless you don’t sell products or services on your site, the success of an ad is determined by increased sales rather than increased traffic. If you are using the landing page to collect email addresses and communicate with a new database by email, be sure to collect this data as well. Some emails may be needed for this database to determine how many new leads became customers.

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Stop PPC ad campaigns if you see increased traffic in a matter of months, but it does not increase sales. This may mean that you haven’t determined which keywords are attracting buyers , or it may mean that your product is not ideal for PPC advertising.