How to take care of your diamond jewelry?

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Diamonds are a life-long investment. That is why maintaining and taking proper care of your diamond jewelry is crucial for it to last longer. Whether you want to take extra care of your engagement ring for its sentimental value, or you would like to pass on your generations-old ring to your progeny – you must be wary of taking the right measures to maintain the geometry and luster of your diamond jewelry.

Regular Cleaning with Increased Usage

If you wear your diamond jewelry – in most cases, an engagement or wedding diamond ring – then you must schedule regular cleaning of the diamond to prevent it from losing its sparkle. Diamonds are prone to dirt and greasy particles – especially if you are living in a hot and humid environment. Thus, you must regularly clean your diamond jewelry by soaking it in soap and water. Beware of using harsh chemicals that may further exacerbate the condition.  

Proper Storage

If you do not don your diamond jewelry as frequently, then you must be mindful of how you are storing it. Make sure that the place you are keeping your diamond jewelry in is free from direct sunlight for it can heat the stone and fade the color of the metallic ring. Moreover, dust particles can settle and clog minute surfaces – these can be particularly difficult to remove over time. Finally, do not store your diamond jewelry in a packed closet where it may be adversely affected by pressure, compression, and rubbing. Ideally, store your jewelry in an air-tight, fabric-lined, and secure box – most retailers provide this to you on the initial purchase.  

Buying a Ring According to Your Profession

Undoubtedly, you would want to flaunt your engagement ring for the first few years at least. Thus, buying and designing your engagement ring whilst keeping your profession in mind is a wise decision. Solitaire or prong setting diamond rings are more prone to wear and tear since their edges are exposed. Thus, professions that require more handwork will increase the risk of chipping the diamond. Halo, channel, and bezel settings are a better option. On the other hand, professions that involve more rigorous, physical work like wrestling, playing badminton, and nursing are not ideal for sustaining channels and bezel setting diamond jewelry – these can easily be thrown off the metallic mount with high-velocity impact.

Taking off Your Diamond Jewelry While Bathing, Washing, Sleeping, and Moisturizing

And these are just a few activities where you can significantly ruin the geometry of the diamond. Bathing increases exposure to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures – especially if you are fond of steam baths. Washing dishes or surfaces with detergents, bleaching agents or chlorine can affect the luster of your diamond jewelry – even if you are cleaning with rubber gloves on. Frequent exposure to moisture – whether it is due to water activities or due to creams and lotions – can ruin your diamond jewelry. Creams and lotions can make the diamond more prone to oils and settling of dusty particles which will require more rigorous methods of removal. Although it is not strictly forbidden to take off your diamond jewelry during sleep it is often preferred.  

Get Your Diamond Jewelry Insured

Always stay prepared for the worst and get your diamond insured right after making the purchase. On occasions where you may get scammed, you can always rely on good insurance to mitigate heavy losses.  

Professional Inspection of Your Diamond Jewelry

Once in a while, have a professional jeweler inspect your ornaments. They use loupes, microscopes, and UV light to detect the minutest defects in your piece of jewelry. Periodic inspection can prevent catastrophic damage later onwards – like a loose mount or a broken prong can be fixed before any significant damage may be caused to the diamond.

In conclusion, your diamond jewelry needs special attention to make it last longer – not just for better product value but also for the sentiments attached to it. Take great care of keeping track of where you have been with the jewelry on – in case you drop your jewelry, you can backtrack your steps and locate it. A diamond lost hurts more than a dirty or chipped one. Regular cleaning will keep your diamond jewelry in gleaming condition and ready to sparkle on that special occasion.