How To Start A Lawn Care Business In 2021


As you know, you need to prepare for a seasonal business in advance – preferably a few months before the start of the season. So, it’s a great time to talk about late spring or even summer business ideas. Today we will talk about one rather popular service, the demand for which begins to grow in spring and does not lose its relevance until about mid-autumn (in different regions in different ways). It’s about the lawn care business. How to start it?

Potential clients of lawn caring services

This type of business is most relevant in suburban settlements and rural areas. And within the city – in areas with private households – this service will be in good demand. The most important thing is that the house has a piece of land where trees, flowers grow and, of course, there is a lawn. The owners of suburban houses are, as a rule, busy, working people. In addition, they have neither the time nor the desire to take care of their yard and lawn. It is much easier to pay a specialist who will improve their garden or flower beds and take care of the lawn in a short period of time.

What does it take to start a lawn care business?

Before going out with your offer to the first customers, you need to purchase all the necessary equipment. 

First, you need to get a trimmer and preferably a lawnmower. In general, most of the lawns around houses can be mowed with a lawnmower. It is both more convenient and faster.

Moreover, modern units for arranging lawns do almost all the work themselves. It remains only to choose the appropriate modification. And for hard-to-reach places or areas with a non-standard configuration, you will need a trimmer.

Even a beginner can mow a lawn with a trimmer. Trimmers are easy to use and clean. True, in this matter, certain knowledge and skills are needed. Electric trimmers are lightweight, but require wire-pulling to use. Gas trimmers are bulkier, but they don’t require electricity to use them.

Professional lawn mowers are difficult to use, and in order to make a lawn beautiful with these devices, you need experience and preliminary preparation of the site before starting work. The advantage of lawnmowers is that they have a special container for collecting the cutted grass, which means that at the end of the work it does not have to be removed, and the area will immediately look neat.

Another important condition for the successful development of a business is mobility, which will significantly add you more customers. Therefore, you definitely need a vehicle to transport a professional tool. Choose a small van or pickup truck for easy transportation of equipment. Of course, if you wish, you can do it with an ordinary passenger car with a large trunk or a trailer.

Different gardening tools are also a must-have. Make sure to find good quality gloves, scissors, and the best hose reel on the market.

That is, in fact, all that is needed to start this simple, but very promising business. After all the equipment is purchased, you can proceed to the next stage.

How to find your first customers and how to advertise your business

The most difficult stage of any business is finding clients. The first orders are known to be the hardest to get. And here advertising is irreplaceable. The lawn care business needs active, but specialised advertising. It makes no sense to go out with your proposals in the media, but it is definitely worth advertising your services on specialised resources.

The cheapest way to advertise is to place ads on poles, fences, and other suitable outdoor surfaces. It is important to choose the right area for placing your ads – close to where your potential customers live. You can also try to arrange with garden supply shops and points of sale to place your posters inside their establishments. In addition, business cards left at the checkout will be useful.

And the most effective way, which speaks of all your seriousness, is to independently bypass all potential customers in order to tell about the new service. You can even arrange a promotion – for example, the first 10 customers can get your service at half price. But, of course, no advertisement can replace really high-quality work. Get down to business as responsibly as possible, and you will quickly acquire hundreds of regular customers.


Over time, the lawn care business can be expanded by offering clients additional themed services. For example, you can not only maintain it but also grow and sell grass for awns. In addition, other garden objects need care – trees, shrubs, flowers. And in the autumn, you can make good money by harvesting dry leaves and by cleaning snow in winter.

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