How to Making more NBA 2K21 VC and MT 2021


NBA 2K makes it possible to experience and enjoy basketball year after year. All information about virtual coins (VC), different game modes, currencies, and tips and tricks can be found here. As every year, you have the opportunity to create your player and use it to enhance your top status in MyCareer and even in the Hall of Fame. When you start a player and make sure the appearance is free, you need virtual currency VC to upgrade. Using virtual coins, you can upgrade the player and change and adjust clothes, shoes, tattoos, and hairstyles/beards. There are several ways to obtain VC. One of them, of course, is to buy cash directly. It is not uncommon for 2K to reduce the price of virtual currency by as much as 50% during the event.

If you don’t want to take away real money, you can organically earn virtual currency. This is the fastest way to get VC:

Domination of opponents: The more robust your ability to control players on the court, the more VC you will get. Every successful game, every significant action, assists, rebounds, shooting percentage, and everything related to the basketball game statistics will be added up at the end and converted into VC. Play intelligent, intelligent, consistent defense and follow the on-site instructions, then 1,000 venture capital per game is not a problem.

Typing games: If you look around, you will quickly find that you can type the current NBA games in the 2K area. Fast VC is also beckoning here because the NBA has games almost every day. Don’t forget to pick up your bonus the next day and start typing again.

Sponsorship: NBA 2K21 handles support more than ever. It involves contracts with well-known brands such as Gatorade, Nike, Adidas, Jordan, and /Reeses Puffs. Develop your career as MyPlayer to sign a contract. You can always ask for more venture capital in the negotiation without taking any risks, so be sure to do this to ensure you don’t miss anything. You can then collect salary/compensation from the general manager of the office.

How do I get a diamond card?

MyTeam points are the counterpart of VC. They can help you build the ultimate team in MyTeam. The two currencies NBA 2K21 MT and VC, must be considered separately.

The points in MyTeam are only used to unpack or buy players directly from the action game room. When you open the package, you will have the opportunity to get the following types of ratings:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Emerald
  • ruby
  • Amethyst
  • Diamond
  • Pink Diamond

Unable to say the possibility of getting a high scorecard. It’s mainly luck. Therefore, if you prefer to buy players directly from the auction house, you can use the following various modes to earn MyTeam points:

  • Weekly challenge
  • Challenge for a moment
  • Rule (standard and historical)
  • Game plan challenge

Weekly Challenge: If you complete the Weekly Challenge once a week, you will not only automatically earn MyTeam points but also tokens. When you collect five of them, you will get guaranteed/free elite players (Amethyst, Diamond, Pink Diamond).

How to get many MyTeam points quickly?

Instant challenge: To quickly obtain MyTeam points, the instant challenge is the most promising. The crux of the problem is that you don’t have a fixed plan, and you seem to be wholly free and change with the seasons. In other words: if the player breaks the highest record in history, it can be assumed that there will be an instant challenge. Likewise, of course, in many historical moments, such as Kobe’s 81-point game or Klay Thompson’s 37-point quarterback. Open your eyes here, or tell yourself here, so as not to miss any possible moments.

Domination: Domination provides the opportunity to receive gift packs after each game. If you meet the conditions, you will even get three licensed packages, including a player. The same is true for the history team.

Game plan challenge: They are brand new products of NBA 2K21 this year, and the number has increased wildly again. The game plan challenge provides you with more than 500 challenges. Enough material to collect NBA 2K MT. Here, the final reward should also be arranged according to the team’s schedule.

MyTeam Points: Many Skills

Many MyTeam points: Players who don’t like to queue up for hundreds of games to earn MyTeam points can deal with auction houses and related markets. To make the most of this, you must do some processing with markets, prices, and cards.

The easiest option: speculate on temporary challenges! They are always associated with certain conditions, usually You must set up at least five players. Without sufficient expertise, it was evident that as demand increases, the price of Heat players will rise. Buy them cheaply in advance, and then sell them multiple times at the right time.

Expensive NoName: Some players (especially the 2K release) are worth much more than the more valuable cards. This may be due to hype or hidden advantages. So, first, please take some time to browse through the roster to find such cards. For example, this year, rookies Jayson Tatum and Josh Jackson have costly silver tickets. The reason is their incredible athletic ability. Attempt to cut such cards and then sell them in large quantities. Due to lack of experience, players like to put these cards on the market for 500 MyTeam points and then sell them for 1500-2500!

Sniper: This term is understood to refer to when the auction market is not visible. If it is sold at a meager price, it is immediately bought.

Contract: This is a technique that has existed for many years, but hardly anyone thinks about it. NBA 2K has Bronze, Silver, and Gold contracts to make your cards eligible to play. Please don’t use them. Sell them at auction houses. 2K provides you with the opportunity to recharge player contracts directly through MyTeam Points, which is usually cheaper unless you have a complete Diamond team. Go to the auction house. With 20 contracts, each contract can quickly jump out of 400-500 points.

Selling players: If your players have not collected the complete collection, please sell it. In particular, gold players will bring many MyTeam points, and if you only invest a little time in MyTeam mode, they will be replaced relatively quickly.

It is not recommended that you can hardly establish a monopoly in 2K, that is, buy the player entirely and then determine the price yourself. Thus, there are too many participants in the market, and there are usually too many active participants.

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