An orchid is just elegant and is just so beautiful that its beauty remains one thing that will never be matched by another flower. It comes in all vibrant colours and the best part about that it doesn’t need much attention as the other plants do. Unlike rose, it is not susceptible to black spots or the other flower diseases that are there but you must remember to care for it well. 


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Let us talk about the five ways you can look out for those beautiful orchids and not let them die due to those unknown conditions that we know you can improve and let those orchids live a little longer:


Orchids are shade-loving plants, if you are keeping them in direct sunlight then you are committing a mistake. It is often suggested that that orchids should be placed in the indirect sunlight and for that, a shade house or a glasshouse is a better choice. You could always opt for a shade cloth which will not allow the orchid to get the light directly. If you are planning for a heated space for the orchids then you could always set up a small glasshouse for your orchids. 


This problem in orchids is very common. This happens when you have let the water pool around the orchids which again results in poor ventilation. Remember to drain your saucer after watering the plant. It occurs when the area where the plant leaves join the base and it starts to rot. 

The treatment is pretty simple as when you see the rotting has begun to get a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and pour it there and you will observe that the area has to start to fizz up. after two to three days use some cinnamon in the affected place that should help your plant. If you were too late then it is all right, you were just learning to be a plant parent. You can always start again by ordering flowers online from bloomsvilla. A little secret, we have the best flower delivery in Mumbai


if you notice the webs around your orchid but cannot find spiders then this the work of the mites. Mites are often associated with ticks but are small. The easiest way to get rid of them is by using water!

Spray some water on the plant. The reason for these mites is that the plant feeling drying up. mites will do nothing serious to your plant but they will surely result in the yellowing of the leaves. 


Buds are the most sensitive part of the entire plant and let’s just say that looking at these bud’s wither away is just painful. This possible because of various reason, maybe you are overwatering the orchids or it can also be because of under watering which is causing the moisture to be withdrawn from the orchids. Extreme temperature changes can also be the culprit of these much-anticipated blossoms to whiter away. Too much lightning is a big trouble for these fragile buds but if you are not providing lighting at all then these buds won’t blossom. Humidity is very important for these plants. Also, try to keep the temperature ten degrees lesser at night than what you opt for in the mornings. 


If your plant’s leaves seem a little sad and unhappy then the issue is with the water. You need to check the roots for this one. If they are all mushy then you have overwatered them but if the roots are dry and brown then it all speaks about how they are not getting enough water.  

To resolve the issue with the plant being underwatered you need to soak the roots of the orchid in the water for five to ten minutes and then after removing the dead roots repot the whole plant, make sure you wait for a few days before watering them again and then you can proceed with the regular schedule of watering them. 

These are five things you can take care of and know that your orchid will be a success story. If you need more orchids then don’t worry bloomsvilla has your back.