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How to Keep Your Adidas Footwears Clean

How to Keep Your Adidas Footwears Clean 1

Adidas is a top-quality brand and wearing a pair should look good on you. However, a dirty pair of Adidas footwear doesn’t look good on anyone. Thankfully, you can easily clean your footwear even if you’re in a hurry to dash out. With simple tools from your kitchen and laundry room, you can get your Adidas clean and sparking. Are you looking for where to get an original pair of Adidas shoes? Check the official Adidas website for a range of top quality products. You can even use an Adidas Malaysia coupon to get savings on your purchase.

No doubt, it is becoming very hard to differentiate the authentic brand from fake because the fake manufacturers are perfecting their trade to imitate the original. However, there are some tiny details that differentiate the two. Don’t settle for the counterfeit when you can get the original. If cost is the issue, you can get an Adidas coupon code to help you save on your pair. An original Adidas is made of premium quality materials, which make the footwear very durable and long-lasting. Here are the major things to look out for to identify an original pair of Adidas.

How to Clean the Outer Part of your Adidas Footwear

Are you worried about how to properly maintain your Adidas footwear? This part will give you simple tips to keep it clean. If you are planning to buy a pair, remember to use an Adidas Malaysia coupon to get savings on your order.

  • Shake off any dirt that may be on the shoes. Hit the sole of the shoes together a couple of times to dislodge any caked grime and dirt.
  • Remove stubborn clumps of dirt from the soles with a clean, dry toothbrush. Avoid brushing the upper fabric part of the footwear so you don’t damage the part. Note that if you use a brush over a fake pair of Adidas, it will start to fade. It is recommended that you get a pair of the original. If you’re worried about the cost, you can use the Adidas Malaysia coupon to save on your order.
  • To clean the upperparts and soles of your shoes, add a little quantity of detergent to a bowl of lukewarm water.
  • Soak a cloth with the mixture and wipe it over any dirt on the shoes. Do this repeatedly until the dirt fades.
  • Rinse the cloth again in warm water and clean off the detergent from your footwear. Make sure you get all the remnants of the detergent off your shoes.

How to wash the Shoelaces

Remove the shoelaces from your shoes to clean them separately. If you notice any stains or spots, apply a mild stain remover. Wait for a few minutes and wash them in a washing machine with your laundry. Note that white shoelaces should be washed with other white clothes so that their color doesn’t change. If the shoelaces are colored, you can wash them with another colored laundry. When washed, wait for them to dry before you replace them on your shoes. Don’t machine-dry your shoelaces to avoid them shrinking.

How to Air the Insoles of your Adidas Footwear

The insoles are the padded cover that lines the underfoot inside your shoes. If it’s removable, remove them and wash them. Air-dry and return them to their place. If not, you have to clean them while still in your shoes. To do this, sprinkle some baking soda over the insoles. Make sure that it covers the whole surface of the insoles. Let the baking soda absorb the bad odor overnight. Brush off the baking soda from the insole the next morning.

Original Adidas footwear usually has an additional pair of laces, packed in the box. If you can’t find the extra laces in the package, there is a high chance that you have a fake pair. Many fake producers have also begun to include an additional pair of laces, which means you can’t use this as the only yardstick to differentiate a fake from the original. To be absolutely sure, check the material of the eyelets. If the eyelets for the laces are metal, there is a high chance that it is a fake pair, especially if it’s a new model. This is because new models of Adidas don’t have metal eyelets. Only old models do.

When buying your Adidas, ensure you get a valid Adidas Malaysia coupon to save you some money.