How to Increase Engagement (and Sales) with Ecommerce Video Ads


Online commerce has increased exponentially in the last year. As such, marketing has also become more competitive. And if you’re running an eCommerce store, you need to take advantage of strategies that will help boost engagement and sales. Amazon storefront branding services recommend using multiple channels and mediums to promote your products. And if you’re an Amazon seller, you’re already aware of how difficult it is to make your product stand out against the competition. 

Why do Amazon storefront branding services recommend using videos?

While there are many strategies you can use to promote your products on Amazon or any eCommerce platform, the focus of this article is video content. Here is a list of reasons why using video is a trend that you shouldn’t miss when marketing your products. 

  1. Using videos will help increase conversion. Converting casual browsers or visitors depends on whether you’re leveraging a marketing strategy that works for them. Nowadays, most people prefer watching videos that tell them more about the product they want. According to a study, 66% of people prefer watching videos than reading text. As such, it follows that when you post a video description or advertisement of your product, a potential customer who prefers videos will likely complete a transaction. 
  2. Your audience will trust your brand more. Brand trust is hard to build, especially if you’re new to eCommerce. Amazon storefront branding services know that while it takes time, you can invest in strategies that will slowly gain customer confidence. Younger buyers are more concerned about authenticity and genuineness. And if you want your customers to engage with the more “human” side of the business, there’s no better way than to use videos. Using this type of content will help in telling a story and connecting with the emotion of your target audience. 
  3. Mobile users prefer video content. A mobile user won’t have time to read and browsing text. They would rather watch a video explaining product features and benefits. Optimizing your content for mobile users is important since smartphones and mobile devices are becoming more prominent in eCommerce sales. 
  4. Video is best when marketing through social media. Amazon sellers can leverage social media channels as marketing tools. And it’s a well-known fact that social media engagement remains unmatched. With a wider reach, advertising through these platforms will increase the chance of product discovery. Many new brands use popular social channels like Tik Tok to get organic leads. And since these platforms make use of short and creative videos, it’s the best way to attract interest for your brand. 

These benefits of using video will help significantly in marketing your business. Amazon storefront branding services can integrate many of these techniques to your existing digital marketing strategy. 

What type of videos do you need to improve your marketing strategy?

Now that you know the advantage of using videos to advertise, the next step is knowing what type of video content to post. Remember that you’ll need to produce content that will promote and aid your existing marketing strategies. 

  1. Create a product close-up video. A product close-up works best when the item has many features that need to be highlighted. Zooming in on key features will help the viewer observe the item from a better angle. A detailed product close-up will help educate the buyer and answer any possible questions they may have. A close-up video is a perfect tool for promoting products with aesthetics that usually don’t come across well through images. For example, if you’re selling clothing with intricate details, zooming in on these details using a video is better than using photos. 
  2.  A simple product overview. A product overview focuses more on the key features of a product. Usually, the video features a person who explains and demonstrates the product and how it functions. Most tech brands post a product overview video to excite potential customers about cool features and innovations. 
  3. Video review or testimonial. Amazon storefront branding services encourage sellers to user video testimonials as an alternative to written product reviews. While you may not be able to post full-length testimonials on Amazon, you can use this content on your social media pages. Remember however, that authenticity is essential. Real product reviews from your customers should be the focus of these testimonials to further convince your target market that your brand is worth trying. 
  4. A how-to guide or product tutorial. A product tutorial or how-to guide is a more in-depth demonstration of how the customer is expected to use a product. The step-by-step instructions will help convince a buyer. Sometimes, a buyer will hesitate thinking they won’t get expected results. A product guide is the best way to help a buyer feel confident that they can trust your brand. 
  5. A message from the product founder or brand CEO. This type of video is perfect for big brands and start-ups. A video featuring the leader of the company shows how committed your brand is to engage with consumers. There are many concepts you can use to convey the message from the brand CEO. It can be in the form of an advertisement, or simply to thank the customers that buy the products. 
  6. Product explainer. A product explainer usually focuses on the customer’s journey. It explains how the product was able to solve a particular problem or help the customer in a specific way. Unlike an ordinary overview, an explainer shows the journey from the beginning until the end. This type of video is another excellent way to tell a story and promote brand image. Many well-known brands use product explainers to express the genuineness of their company. 

Videos can be incorporated into different channels that connect to your Amazon store. As earlier mentioned, videos may be posted on social media channels or your website. The most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that these videos are complementary to your existing digital marketing strategies. Amazon storefront branding services suggest using them to generate leads or retarget consumers. With increased engagement, you can track the progress of leads generated with the help of these videos. 

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