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How to improve the seo of your website? The best tips to apply to your page

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The SEO positioning can be defined as a couple of techniques to position your website in search engines and be easily found by users or potential customers.

There is no doubt that SEO positioning is the most powerful weapon that exists within online marketing tools. When we have a business and we want our potential clients to find us , since our greatest concern is that they find us when they search for the services we offer . Every day most of those who have a business are aware of the importance of being on Google. Since today if you do not appear in Google searches you do not exist. This gives us to understand that the competition is increasing, so our must be increasing.

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Within search engine optimization for web pages we can differentiate two important aspects: SEO on Page and SEO Off page.

How to improve the seo of your website? The best tips to apply to your page 3

SEO on Page

This refers to all internal aspects of our website that we can voluntarily manage, correct or improve, such as content optimization, meta-tag optimization, urls, and images with ALT, among others.

SEO off Page

This refers to the aspects that influence our search results but involuntarily, that is, they do not depend only on us and therefore we cannot control, such as the reputation or popularity of our brand or the achievement of mentions or links from other websites.

Both points are fundamental since they go hand in hand and the other cannot be dispensed with, since Google will visit our website more frequently as we have quality links to our site , but beware we will not appear in the search results but we have a lot of content and well optimized.

Tips to position our website with SEO on Page

Know what Google knows about your website

If you open a new tab in the browser and type the command “site” and then the name of your domain (“sitedominio”), you will be able to see everything that Google knows about your website. You will see the number of pages it has recorded in its index, and most importantly, how it has them indexed and how it will show them in the search results in terms of titles, urls and Meta descriptions.

We recommend that you have less content but good and well optimized, to have many pages indexed but that do not add relevance, so if you’re content is not of interest, Google will lower your web page score.

Optimize keywords in titles and tags

The first thing you must do to have a good positioning is to be very clear about the search terms for which you want to appear in Google, the keywords.

You will have to enter these terms or keywords on your website, because if you don’t, you will never appear in the search results for certain terms.

Keyword strategy is essential

Each page of your website, each entry of your blog or product of your online store must be based on different keywords, since it is about positioning each url of your website for a certain search.

Once you are clear about what your keywords are, you must enter them in the content, but you must also put them in the code, for this we recommend using the Yoast SEO plugin, this will help you optimize the use of keywords, but you must write them in the SEO Title, in the url, in the ALT tags of the images, in the first paragraph, and in some title 2

Avoid duplicate content

If you did not know, now we tell you, Google penalizes duplicate and scarce content that does not have a minimum SEO rules. There are several pages where you can check if you are being copied or if you have copied, for example siteliner.com or copyscape.com.

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Nor are you going to position a specific page in Google if you have little content on that page. It is estimated that in order for Google not to abruptly skip a page, it must contain at least 300 words.

Send the sitemap to search console

A Sitemap or website map is an XTML document that is sent to search engines. This document allows search engines to have a complete list of the pages that make up a website.

Optimize download speed according to Google

In this sense, Google does not have much patience, it always thinks about offering the best service to the end user, and waiting too long means that the user is going to have a bad browsing experience.

To measure the download speed, it is best to do it with the tool that Google provides you since it is the closest way to know what Google captures about the speed of your page.

The time of stay is very important

Another of the most important points is the average time that visits last on your website. There is no set time in terms of the minimum recommended time of stay, but it is clear that the longer a user lasts browsing your website, the better.

Content is king, and if your content is good, original, interesting and useful, the time of permanence will be longer.

Usability is important

A usable web page is a responsive web, this means that it adapts to any screen, but it is also a web that downloads quickly and through which the user can navigate at high speed.

A website that has an optimal dwell time compared to its competition because it offers better content and a website where the user finds more than they are looking for and continues browsing reducing the bounce rate.

SEO off Page

The SEO off Page is part of your reputation or even of third parties. To get a good off page you must get natural and quality links to different parts of your website as it can be of decisive importance in search engine positioning.