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How to improve the SEO of your Blog

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To achieve an excellent positioning of your content in the different search engines, it is necessary to carry out search engine positioning strategies through SEO strategies.

While it is difficult to rank naturally in search engines, it is not an impossible mission. However, it requires having some technical knowledge and mastery of certain tools that will facilitate your work.

SEO techniques

SEO comes from the acronym in English for Search Engine Optimization. This strategy consists of applying different techniques in the elaboration and modification of the contents in order to adapt them to the requirements of the search engines, thus allowing a better position in the search results.

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How to improve the SEO of your Blog 3

Although there are a large number of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others, the best known and most used in Google. In this sense, we will focus on explaining the best SEO positioning techniques in this search engine.

To comply with the parameters of the search engines, a large amount of analysis, various tests and corrections are required to achieve the best results, therefore it is a work that takes time and the results will be seen in the long term.

Although there is no magic formula to achieve positioning in Google, there are techniques that can help you properly position your blog in Google.

Quality Content

In content marketing, creating quality content is essential. This can help you increase visits to your blog and attract an audience.

First of all, you must choose the right topic for your content, since it needs to be interesting for your audience. Second, it is necessary to include content on your blog periodically and keep your content updated. And, obviously, thirdly, write SEO-friendly content:

SEO writing

The way you write your content is decisive for your text to meet Google’s requirements and allow better positioning.

To write content that meets Google’s parameters, it is necessary to place yourself in the position of the reader and give answers to their concerns. In this way you could get keywords that you should include in your content.

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A good way to achieve adequate content is to use a structure that allows the user to read easily. You can use titles and subtitles that respond to the needs of your readers. It is advisable not to extend too much in the length of the texts.


Keywords are essential, so it is important to determine which is the keyword or set of words, they have a greater search intention of users. In other words, what is a user looking for when entering the search in the browser bar.

Based on keyword searches, it is possible to identify the user’s intent. It is also possible to know your intention according to the volume of searches, that is, the number of times users search for a specific word.

In this sense, there are words with high search volume and great competition (keywords head tail), specific words, with a high search level (middle tail) and specific keywords, with a reduced level of competition (long tail).

These three categories of keywords must be included in the text. However, it is preferable to choose the words that have a lower level of competition in order to achieve a good ranking in the SERPs.

To determine which are the most or least competitive keywords you can use a keyword planner or analyze the words by their cost per click (CPC) using SEMRush or Google Adwords, based on our objective.

Titles and Meta Descriptions Optimization

Optimizing titles and meta descriptions is of great importance to achieve adequate positioning in search engines, so it must always be kept in mind. To do this, you can include emoticons and the long tail keyword in the metadata.

Visual Resources

Google determines the quality of the content based on the time a user stays in it, therefore it is necessary to attract users through quality images and videos that are related to the chosen topic.

This is the proper way to make content of relevance and interest so that readers spend the most time on the blog, which will allow you to obtain a better position in search engine results.


It is necessary that you include links, both internal and external, in your content, obviously, always and are related to it. In this way you provide the reader with additional information and Google will be able to navigate more easily through your post.

Speed ​​and security

Your site must be safe and easy to navigate. While in other times they were not a determining factor, today it is of great importance. For Google, the user’s browsing experience must be unsurpassed and security factors and loading speed are essential.

Therefore, it is recommended that your page has an SSL certificate, which will allow your site to be classified as “secure”. You should know that since 2018 Google began to penalize those pages that will not have this certificate, marking them as “not secure”.

As for the loading speed, it is vital that it be fast, as readers hate wasting their time. A good page should not take more than three seconds to load, since a longer time can make you lose the user.

In order to determine the loading speed of your web page, you can use tools like Google PageSpedd, GTMetrix or Pingdom.

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