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How To Get Rid Of Roaches Without Harming Pets?

Pest Control

Are you tired of giving a fight to the pests and getting defeated every time? Then it is high time that you hire pest control services and enjoy the facilities without any hassles. Give those roaches a final fight with pest control professionals, and they won’t return to infest your home again. Roaches give you a disgusting feel and bring in a lot of diseases that can turn out to be deadly. Hence it becomes essential to get rid of them.

Caring for a cockroach infestation is no dream weekend plan for anyone. Yet the Almighty also wants to punish us for any past failures in life and put a cockroach or two in our homes. It’s not an easy task at all. We sometimes wonder if there’s any way to get rid of the pests without the hazardous chemicals marketed for being the most powerful. Luckily there are many powerful remedies of cockroaches that you may seek, and we’ve just gathered details for you about the best ones.

Having pets at home and worried about their safety, then you must not think twice as the pest control professionals offer you services that are safe for pets and kids. All you need to do is to give them a call and they will reach you out with the best solutions.

Tips For Getting Rid Of Roaches Without Harming Your Pets

Let us discuss some quick tips that can be useful for you in getting rid of roaches without causing any harm to your pet.

Keep Your House Clean

The best method in which you can keep those disgusting roaches away is by keeping your house clean. A dirty or unhygienic home is a place of the party for them roaches out there, and they love to infest in such situations.

To avoid bringing the roaches into the kitchen and creeping all over the dirty plates and leftover food, cleaning up immediately after meals is needed. Make sure that you frequently carry the trash out so as not to lure them in. A successful and thorough cleaning routine should keep the roaches safe.


It is not an excellent smelling substance, but this is the best method you can try to keep the roaches away from your house. All you need to do is clean the surfaces with ammonia, and the foul smell will keep those pests away from your home. If you feel it is not safe for your pets, you can consult pest control professionals and hire them for this work.

Boric Acid            

This acid keeps your house free from roaches and is a safe thing for your pets and kids. Just place it in the cracks, kitchen, below the sink, and wherever you think these roaches enter. This acid sticks to the body of the insect and stops it from growing.

Traps For The Cockroaches

You can buy traps that contain various ingredients to catch and dispose of cockroaches. It would help if you made your own too. The University of Massachusetts recommends using a steep-sided bowl or pot. To make the sides slippery, grease the dish inside up to the lip.

Place food in the bottom with a damp paper roof, such as steamed bread or crackers. Create a ramp up to the rim using a dry paper towel, and place your trap in a cockroach-hiding spot. Flush the catches over the toilet in the morning.

Glass Jar Trap

This is one of the most natural methods to get rid of roaches. Just shop for a big jar of glass and fill water in it. Put some attractive food items in it and rub the top of the jar with oil or jelly. The moment roaches will attack the jar they will fall inside and drown. This is the best thing you can do. Just flush them out and it’s done.

Give Them A Tough Fight With Essential Oils

Yes!! The oils that you use to beautify your skin can help you get rid of roaches infestation at your place. This may sound crazy to you, but essential oils are, in reality, a known repellent for cockroaches. A strong smell disrupts the roaches’ hunting route, and if the concentration of oil is high enough, the product will kill them too.

The smells of lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils, most hated by the cockroaches, are these. Anyone of them is expected to do the job, so pick the one you like the best.

Dish Soap And Water Solution Works Wonders

The quick alternative to these irritating pests is a simple combination of soap and water in the tub. Unlike other insects, cockroaches breathe through their fur, and rubbing the detergent on them would instantly suffocate the pests.

The one thing to keep in mind is that it only works when the roach is sprayed directly. The method is not recommended unless you have the patience to individually spray each cockroach if you need to get rid of a whole nest.

Hire Pest Control Professionals

Now that you understand that there are many options that can help you out in getting rid of roaches without any hassles, it is still recommended to hire experts. Pest control professionals are experienced and understand their job.

They know what has to be done to offer you 100% satisfaction. The best thing about hiring a service is that it eradicates your problem without giving you a tough time. Just call them and relax on your couch. They will handle everything and help you get rid of the issue to the core.


Now that you know various methods of getting rid of roaches without harming your pets, it is best to try them out. Have patience and try them to the best of your levels. Once tired and exhausted with roaches coming back again and again and not finding a proper solution just take a long breath and call pest control professionals. Let them handle the situation while you can sit on your couch and enjoy your coffee.