How To Find The Best Chauffeur Service In Switzerland?

Chauffeur Service Switzerland

Located in the center of Europe, Switzerland represents a business and tourist center. There are several private and seven national airports for domestic and international travel to and from Switzerland. Airports with greater frequencies of flights are in Zurich, Basel, and Geneva, as those are the places in Switzerland that are the most attractive to tourists. The national carrier is Swiss airlines with over 15 million passengers annually. But, since the airports are so crowded, using public transportation might be a little complicated and leaving your car at the airport parking is too expensive. The most convenient way to arrive at or from the airport is to take an airport shuttle.

Airport shuttle is a chauffeur service of transportation to and from the airport. It is a door to door service, very suitable for business trips because it gives you a more professional and elegant look, or for winter holidays when you have a lot of baggage with you. Vehicles used for airport transfers can vary from buses and vans to limousines and sedans, depending on your needs. For those who are more adventurous or in a hurry, there are also airplane shuttles for quick trips.

Airports are usually placed far away from the cities. Therefore, anyone arriving at or leaving the airport needs transportation to their final destination. Here’s how to find the best one.

  1. Get informed

Before you make a choice, you must search for a company that is the most suitable for what you need. No matter the occasion on which you want to hire airport transportation, there are several things which are necessary to consider:

  • Their license,
  • Their experience,
  • Their reputation,
  • Their reliability,
  • Their prices.

Not all chauffeur services are licensed and will ensure that you get what you are looking for. Professional companies providing airport shuttle hire chauffeurs only after they have passed a full background check. To be a part of the professional chauffeur service, one must have a clean criminal and driving history, excellent defensive driving skills, good manners, and an impeccable appearance. They must be punctual, helpful with your luggage, and trained in driving in a safe and smooth manner. They are also familiar with road regulations and rush hours. So, those are the qualities you will be looking for, especially if you are traveling with children.

Use the internet to find this information. Check for the companies offering airport transfer to the Istanbul area you are traveling to, go online, and pay attention to how professional and user-friendly their websites are. Best companies put the effort into their online appearance as well. Lookup for their team and fleet, the explanation of their services, photos, and contact information. The most valuable source of valid information in the comments and evaluations of their clients. If the company has more negative than positive reviews, search further. If you are looking for an airport shuttle in the area of your residence, ask your friends and colleagues about their knowledge and experiences with particular companies. And of course, you can always contact or visit selected companies providing airport transportation services and ask them anything you want to know.

  1. Make a choice

While you are checking for the most convenient company, also check for the most suitable vehicle. The type of vehicle depends on how much space you need for your luggage, the purpose of your travel, and the number of persons you are traveling with. If you are not sure about which vehicle to select, ask the company for a piece of advice. They usually have a whole fleet of vehicles and they will help you decide based on your needs and their experience.

It is important to know that there are two categories of shuttle services – multi-ride and share-ride. Multi-ride service picks passengers up based on a route schedule, while a shared-ride service picks passengers up based on their individual flight route. The shared-ride service is more expensive, but it is the most convenient and saves more time. If you are traveling with your family or a group of friends, and if you have a lot of baggage, this option is perfect for you. If you are a single traveler and you are not bothered with a little bit longer ridings with strangers and multiple stops, a more affordable multi-ride can be your choice.

  1. Make a call or visit them

Once you have done your research and selected the most suitable airport shuttle company, you have to book them. The easiest way is to book them online, which is great if you are outside of Switzerland. But it is wiser to actually call and even visit the company, if possible. That way you can find out more about their services and quality and check for their availability faster. Besides their availability on your dates of travel, here are several questions you should ask in order to get excellent quality service:

  • Are you and your chauffeurs licensed for transportation? – By asking this question, you will make sure that you are getting a professional, trained, and experienced driver. Besides this, if you are coming from abroad to Switzerland, ask them whether they can provide you with international insurance since there are companies that offer this service as well.
  • What does the price of your service cover? – This is very important because some additional fees might occur. Some companies might add fuel chargers for longer trips, insurance, tolls, and the fee for luggage, administration costs, or a tip for the driver. Ask them how they charge their bills – point to point, garage to garage, or the hourly-flat rate. Also, ask who covers the expenses if the car breaks down. Before you book them, make sure that there are no hidden charges and that you get an all-inclusive price. The best would be if they e-mail you the receipt.
  • How much luggage the shuttle can handle? – As we mentioned above, many companies have a variety of vehicles in their fleets, such as a luxury sedan or a larger SUV, and you want to make sure the one they send can accommodate all your bags and that you will have enough space for a comfortable trip.
  • Do you provide car seats for small children? – If you are traveling with small children, make sure that you are getting the safest and most suitable vehicle. Also, if you are taking your pet(s) on your trip, it is quite important both for you and for the company to ask if they allow the transportation of animals.
  • How can I pay? – Usually, payment is done online via bank card, but some companies might offer other payment methods. You should also ask them whether you have to pay the whole sum in advance, or only a certain percentage. Ask them if they return money in a case of cancellation as well.

Now that you have found the most perfect premium airport shuttle, you can book them. But don’t hire them without signing the contract and checking if everything is legal. And as you expect from them to respect and fulfill your requirements, you should respect their time as well. Airport transfer companies get booked quickly, which is especially case during holiday seasons. In order to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience, book your airport transfer in advance. Of course, you should call them again before the shuttle is due to pick you up to confirm your reservation. Double-check that the chauffeur has your reservation, your pickup address, and will be on time. With good planning and early booking, you will get the most appropriate and premium quality service so that you can fully enjoy your trip.