How to Create a Modern Backyard

How to Create a Modern Backyard 1

Even the most comprehensive home design projects may overlook the backyard. But why should you let this space go to waste when adding a modern touch to your home décor? Whether you’re incorporating a steel fire pit, patio fountain, or outdoor wall art, there are so many creative and unique ways to create your own modern backyard.

Your backyard is a unique space for you and your family play, relax, and enjoy spending time with one another. It’s also an opportunity to extend your traditional interior design to this outdoor space. While outdoor design will always include new concerns (think weather and the elements), there are also always new and exciting design opportunities (think fire pits and fountains). Here, we’re taking a look at a few innovative ways that allow you to easily transform your outdoor space. Here’s our list of creative and luxurious ways that you can create your very own modern backyard.


Before you begin designing your new modern backyard, you’ll want to keep your local environment in mind. A modern backyard in Minnesota will always look different than one in Florida—and that’s a good thing. Your backyard design should reflect your natural surroundings and even incorporate native plants and flowers to bring nature closer to your doorstep.

Of course, weather conditions are also an important consideration. Depending on the temperature, precipitation levels, and amount of sun or shade, your backyard design will look very different. Don’t try to fight these elements—instead, design your modern backyard with your local climate at the forefront of your planning. For example, if you live in a colder climate, think about installing a fire pit as a central feature. For those in hot, arid environments, consider xeriscaping with drought-resistant plants and flowers.


What better way to bring the family together than by gathering around a warm fire? Perfect for any climate, a fire pit is an ideal centerpiece for a modern backyard. Choose from a metal or concrete fire pit to accentuate your patio or yard space with a little bit of heat. Installing a fire pit can help you maximize your time outdoors by allowing you to enjoy your yard even in the colder winter months. You can even roast up some s’mores for a delicious treat with your very own fire pit—who doesn’t love that?


What’s more relaxing than the gentle sound of flowing water? If you don’t have a river or creek running through your property, go for the next best thing by installing a modern fountain as part of your backyard design. Backyard fountains come in a wide range of styles and sizes to fit in naturally with any décor. Modern fountains are fashioned out of carved stone in a variety of natural or artistic designs that can complement your patio, yard, or walkway.


If you don’t have space to relax in your modern backyard, you’re doing something wrong. Bring in some backyard furniture that allows you to fully enjoy your new outdoor space and encourage people to gather together. Patio chairs and tables are the quintessential components to any backyard furniture set, but you don’t need to limit yourself there.

A truly modern backyard can incorporate all different types of furniture. Sofas and sectionals are a great way to open up more seating options for larger groups and families. Coffee tables can bring a touch of the living room experience to your patio and yard. There’s also a wide variety of patio accessories available on the market. Solar lanterns are an appealing way to light up your outdoor space. If you’re looking to entertain, consider adding a rolling bar cart and dedicating more space for drinks and dining.


The joy of designing a modern backyard is, in part, the opportunity to blend the indoors with the outdoors. This creates a unique space for you to relax and enjoy time with those you love while soaking in the sun and fresh air. You can bring nature even closer to your doorstep by decorating your modern backyard with a variety of planters. Since they come in so many different styles, colors, and sizes, you’ll have no trouble finding the right one to fit your space.


Wall art is one of the best ways to display your personal taste and style. Who said you have to keep these artistic expressions indoors? More and more homeowners are adding an artistic touch to their backyards by decorating their patios and outdoor spaces with traditional wall art. However, you definitely want to be careful about choosing what type of art to use for your backyard. While an oil painting won’t hold up against the elements, metal or wood design elements can withstand rain and sun.


Bring the creativity and invention of your kitchen to your backyard with a modern outdoor kitchen. Whether you’re just looking to grill or design an entire kitchen with space for dining and meal prep, there are countless ways to bring your cooking skills outside. Grilling, of course, is as classic as you can get when it comes to outdoor cooking, but that’s not the only option. Some homeowners are utilizing smokers or pizza ovens as the centerpieces for their outdoor kitchen and cooking. Depending on your space, you can even incorporate chairs and patio furniture to truly craft a complete outdoor dining experience.


For many homeowners, the backyard is your own private oasis—a space to relax, have fun, and spend time with those you care about. A backyard, in many ways, is entirely what you make it. So why not turn your outdoor space into a modern backyard and a true extension of your personal style and décor?

Whether incorporating an outdoor fire pit, fountains, sling Adirondack chairs, or outdoor wall art, there are simply so many ways to decorate your backyard and craft it into something unique and special. Bring the style and creativity of your interior design to your backyard with some of these ideas for creative living in your own modern backyard.

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