How To Claim And Merge Your Duplicate Google My Business Listing?

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Google My Business is an important business tool that every business or SEO reseller uses to help its customers to reach them.

GMB not only makes your business look professional but also helps your customers to know more things about you. But oftentimes, one single business gets listed multiple times with slight changes and it creates a duplicate GMB listing.

Duplicate Google My Business can confuse your customers about your business locations and other important details.

In such cases, it’s crucial to merge duplicate GMB listings so that you have all the correct information available for all your potential customers.

In this article, we will have an in-depth look into how to claim and merge such duplicate listings. Before getting into it, let’s first understand why it is important why to resolve such listings.

Why you need to remove duplicate GMB listings

When there are more than two listings of the same business present online, it becomes confusing for Google which listing to rank. It will create confusion for both the customers and Google while going through the listings.

And, another thing is that Google may not be able to show accurate information when there are duplicate listings.

If one of the listings has an old phone number and address, it’s not possible for the search engine to identify which one is correct.

And, in case the addresses are different on all the listings, then the chances that many customers will not be able to reach that business.

Another significant reason why you should merge duplicate GMB listings is distributed customer reviews. If there are three listings and all the three listings have certain customer reviews, the overall authority of your business will reduce.

It’s always better to have one listing with a good amount of reviews on it. It will not only improve your business credibility but also helps in higher rankings.

Things to keep in mind before removing duplicate listings

It’s essential to remember that once you remove a verified listing, you will need to re-verify the business on Google My Business.

To avoid doing the verification process for one more time, move all critical business information into a verified listing before removing the duplicate listing.

How to merge the listings?

Now, let’s get started with a step by step guide on merging the listings so that you can provide correct information to your customers.

If the duplicate listings are not claimed by anyone, then it will become easier for you to do the further process.

You will find the option to claim this business and once you click on that, you can do it successfully. After this, you will also find the option for merging reviews from that duplicate listings.

And, in case if you don’t have any reviews on the identical listings, then you have to simply take that entry down. For taking down the listing, follow these simple steps.

  • Visit
  • Log into your Google account that has the listing ownership
  • Click on the info panel on the left side
  • Click on the Close or remove this listing option located on the right side
  • After this, click on remove listing

In case, if the listing is claimed by someone else:

  • First, enter the exact name of the listing and after that, you will find a dropdown; click on that.
  • After that, you will see the message that this listing is already claimed by someone else. You need to click on request access.
  • Once you click on the request access option, Google will send an ownership message to that person who has claimed your listing. In general scenarios, it takes around a week to claim those listings.
  • On the other side, if you don’t get access within a week, you will see a rejected message. In that case, you have to click on the Appeal Now option and Google will reach out to you.

These were the simple steps to claim the duplicate listings that are present on Google My Business. Now it’s time to merge them all so that your customers can get accurate business information.

Merge Duplicate GMB Listing

It’s easy to move reviews from your one listing to another, for this, you need to mark one of the GMB listings closed. It is recommended that you first contact a Google My Business representative to know if all the reviews will get successfully moved or not.

There are a lot of businesses that Google doesn’t allow to transfer the reviews and the reason is providing correct information to the customers.

For example, if someone owns a burger chain and the stores are located in different locations and have different ratings. In that case, Google won’t allow merging reviews of both the burger chains, because both operate differently.

For merging the reviews, get in touch with Google My Business representative to get their help. For this, go to the Google My Business help portal click on the contact us option.

After that go to  Business information & edits then Edit business information and finally click on the Request callback option.

You will get a call back from Google’s representative within 2 to 5 minutes and they can help you with all your queries. Once you give them all the correct details, they can tell if the ratings can be merged or not.

Like the above example, in this case, if you are running a restaurant or a hotel, then there are very less chances that it will happen.

This is because restaurants are located in different areas, the staff is different, the service is different and there may be slight quality changes. This is the reason, the ratings are not transferable in such scenarios.

If you are not yet on Google My Business, it’s high time to get your business registered on this platform and drive more sales to your company. Below are the key advantages of having a verified listing on GMB that you need to know:

It improves visibility

Having your business listed on Google My Business improves the overall visibility of your business in the search rankings. When you list your company, it also shows up on Google Maps which is a good source of driving customers to your location.

It indirectly helps you in strengthening SEO services as it gives positive brand signals to Google. Your store will also get featured in location searches if you optimize it correctly.

Establishes higher trust among customers

Another significant advantage of having a GMB listing is that it helps you establish a higher trust among your potential customers. Visitors can check your ratings, reviews, and pictures and it boosts that chance of converting leads into business.

Star ratings create a positive impact

As we are coming towards digitization, people first read reviews, check ratings, and then go for a service or product. When your listing has good reviews and star reviews, it becomes easier for you to cut the competition and attract more customers.

It boosts sales and traffic

When you are found more, then more customers will visit your site and your sales will go up automatically. You don’t have to run any kind of paid campaign to attract local customers. All you need to grow your listing organically.

These were some simple steps to remove the duplicate listings and merge them into one. If you don’t have a team to manage it, you can also hire local SEO services to get this thing done. In this era of the Internet, don’t forget to optimize your business for GMB.

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