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How to choose the best professional Daycare center?

Daycare center

Some the interesting revelations that will make you sit erect and take stock of the situation are as follows: In the last 45 years, the proportion of working women has increased by 20% in urban

  • 1 out of 3 families in India is a nuclear family.
  • 1 out of 4 children born in Urban India does not get the attention of skilled attendants.

The proportion of both of the parents working in various offices over a single working parent is increasing day by day in the urban centre. This was the reason Daycare centres gained immense popularity all over the world.

Daycare center

Certain aspects need to be considered while choosing Day care:

  • Qualifications Of Attendants And Staffs:

You should always need to consider the educational qualification of the staff and attendants working in the Daycare centre which will throw a light on the quality of the professionals working in such centers. The professional Daycare center should have qualified staff to handle the unique physical, mental, and emotional needs of extremely young children. You need to consider their academic qualifications and interest to teach young children like Early Childhood Development. A proper background check needs to be done for all third-party staff like security guards, bus drivers, etc. Do the day-care staffs has right set of employees who can easily handle young kids, are well trained, caring, and patient?

  • Location And Timings:

You should consider vital factors like location and timings while you are looking for a professional Daycare service. Check whether your office timings match that of Daycare centres so that you can pick-up and drop the children hassle free on daily basis. Examine whether centers remain closed during the weekends, and do they have a holiday schedule? Are they operating from the centres that are both close to your house and workplace? Is it possible to reach quickly if there is any emergency?  Do these centres take care of children for longer duration and if so what is the additional fee that they will charge for such extended stay?

  • Activities and setup: For the growth and development of the child, professional Daycare should have a stimulating environment. You can confirm this in several Does Daycare invest in children’s’ motor skills development? Does the Daycare centre promote children’s’ outdoor activities? Do they have library books, comics and magazines for the different age groups of children?? Does the teacher in the Daycare centre allow students to read various books and develop their skills? Should children read out aloud during classroom sessions in the Day care? Do they have musical and artistic instruments that are  required for children’s music, art, and other activities? Does the Daycare have a playhouse? Have they kept aside time for the children to indulge in extracurricular activities like dancing and singing? Does Daycare encourage children to be creative?
  • Reliability and safety: This is one of the most important factors which you should consider while choosing a professional Daycare for your child. The Government of India has set aside certain rules that need to be adhered to while setting up a Daycare or a playschool. These rules might seem to be stringent, but they are very much necessary. These rules and regulations that are framed by the government need to be taken into account for the safety of the children. You need to check whether schools have security devices, guards and surveillance systems. Does the school have powerful and well-lit lighting systems? Do the balconies, stairs, and windows have proper grills?

You should get quick answers from Daycare centers for the below questions also:

  • Are the toilets in the Daycare are free of all types of germs?
  • Are they cleaned on a regular interval?
  • Are they clean and hygenic for the children to live?
  • Are they safe for the kids to play??
  • Do they have a nurse in the day-care who are properly trained so that they can act promptly in case of an emergency?
  • If the day-care is providing food, are they clean and safe for the children to consume?
  • The drinking water in the day care, are they clean and filtered?
  • Are the bedsheets clean and free of stains?
  • Do they clean the floors at regular intervals?
  • Policies: Is the professional Daycare registered and licensed? Do they make background verification checks for all the staff members? Do they adhere to all the rules and regulations outlined by the Government of India?

So, whether you decide to keep your child at home or put a child in a professional day-care depends on case to case. But you should always consider the above points carefully. This will help you in taking a wise decision for your child and will also be an informed decision to choose the best for your child. This is necessary for the wellbeing of both your child and you. A day-care is sharing responsibility and not transferring it. So, you should always keep in mind that a day-care is a safe alternative to staying at home or family care.