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How to Build a User-Centric Healthcare Mobile app in COVID:19


In this Corona outbreak, A Healthcare Mobile App Development could become boon for your business. Almost every country is grappling from this global pandemic and striving to cope up with this pandemic. Where one side the whole world is passing from this difficult situation, on the other side the medical sector is trying to get the world out of danger. Due to lockdown, most of the people are unable to meet with doctors to take proper treatment. In such a situation Healthcare mobile app development is the best solution to solve this problem.  Most of the healthcare organization is striving to create a feature-rich and user-centric healthcare mobile app. All the healthcare professionals are also grappling with how to design a creative and delightful application. An attractive healthcare application requires proper planning, strategic tools and commitment towards the compliances. Healthcare compliances plays an important role and it is must to be followed by developers and development companies. Some Healthcare compliances are:

  • FDA. 

Benefits of Developing Healthcare Mobile App Development:

  • Healthcare applications are a blessing for doctors and patients that facilitate them by availing a lot of features at a single platform. 
  • Availability of fast internet connectivity and smartphones makes possible to reach remote  area patients. Healthcare apps ensure that people living in rural areas get timely assistance and support during COVID 19. 
  • Patients can get online reports, video calls, and immediate treatment by just downloading a single application on their mobile phones. 
  • Use of loT technology makes the healthcare profession easier and faster. This helps to manage the overall resources, staff can modify and stock the inventories as per the need. 
  • Users can monitor their health personally. They can measure their blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, heartbeat, and more. 

Healthcare and mHealth App Development Solutions

  • Medical App Development
  • Medical Software Development
  • Healthcare Mobile Application Development
  • Heart Rate Tracking App Development
  • mHealth App Development
  • Fitness App and Website Development
  • Yoga App and Website Development
  • Patient Engagement App Development

Some Important Phases and Steps of Healthcare Mobile App Development:

  1. Understand the requirement and demand of your end users, what problems they are facing during lockdown and what solution you can offer to them. 
  2. Define the problem and set some specific goals that you want to achieve. Basic features and functions should be studied properly. 
  3. Use creativity and useful ideas to provide customer support and high-quality user-experience. 
  4. Ask your target audience about your design and work and if something is missing then take corrective actions. 
  5. After taking all the aspects in consideration, prepare the developers team and design an application that will be useful for healthcare professionals. 

Tips to Build a User-centric Healthcare Application:

Design Mobile-friendly Application:

In this era of digitalization, not having a mobile-friendly app and website is absurd. Approx 59% of people browse any website or application on a mobile phone. Unfortunately, the Healthcare industry is not growing with a fast speed world where everything is available on mobile phones. You can not deny this fact that an application should be responsive and interactive in nature. To offer a great digital experience to users, developers must ensure that website and application must support on mobile phones.  Maybe you think that my competitor has not designed a mobile-friendly website so why do I need to design a mobile-friendly website? But In this changing world, the only thing that exists is change, you have to take initiative and adopt changes if required. Think something different and design an unbeatable application and website that solve the problem of users in this lockdown period. It is a perfect time to design your healthcare mobile application.

Use Data Visualization Technique: 

Many organizations are adopting artificial intelligence and data visualization techniques that bring a great change in the app development world. This technique will enable the users to understand the complex data that he/she can not understand on their own. Graphical representation makes the understanding process simple and easy for users.  Data visualization clarifies that your fitness perspective is good or poor. Simple and intuitive design helps the users to make sense of their health. Display language and database structure affects the visualization perspective. Digital dashboard facilities enable them to drag and drop various models. Digital strategy encourages them to be active and progressive.

Actionable Insights:

As you know that the language of medical staff is totally different from normal language. They talk in different acronyms and use biological words that a normal person is unable to understand.  Healthcare mobile apps require understanding and emotion-centric design because of unawareness of patients. It becomes very easy for digital users to understand what they are seeing. 

ADA Complaints:

The Americans with Disabilities act is a full form of ADA, this act was released in 2010. As per ADA compliance it requires companies to offer and maintain sites that people with disabilities can use and access. Your site should be accessible everywhere and must be accessible to people with disabilities. Major Principles:

  • Perceivable
  • Operable
  • Understandable
  • Robust. 

ADA has provided 100+ guidelines for healthcare companies that affect each and every function of the website including color, font, theme, and video etc. 

Choose a Trustworthy Healthcare Mobile App & Website Development Partner that offer:

  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Security engineering and privacy
  • Migration across technology platforms
  • Mobility & Cloud solutionsElectronic Health Record
  • Medical insurance claim
  • mPrescription
  • Maintenance & ongoing support
  • Technical Consulting, more. 

Features that Should be Present in A Website:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Video conferencing
  • Medicine Adherence
  • Knowledge based Article
  • Standard and Compliance


In this article, we have covered some important tips to design user-centric healthcare applications. COVID:19 has changed the world and lifestyle of people, social distancing keeping people away from all the services. In this complicated situation you have to think about healthcare mobile app development that can become a boon for all the peoples. 

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