How Often Should You Service Your Aircon?

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In a country with hot weather like Singapore, air conditioners play a vital role in keeping our daily lives more enjoyable and comfortable. Without an aircon, the inside of your home will be both humid and hot, making you and your loved ones sticky and sweaty throughout the day. Besides keeping your home cold, this fixture purifies indoor air as it filters out bugs, odors, particles, and even hazardous chemicals. But the common question is, how often do you need to service your aircon to keep it working properly?

Benefits of Aircon Servicing

If you wish to extend the life of your air conditioner, it is important to regularly check it. Several advantages come along with a regular air conditioner service, such as:

  • It promotes the proper functioning of your aircon. This is particularly essential during the hot days.
  • It prevents the occurrence of serious issues.
  • It keeps the unit efficient and energy consumption low.

How Often Should an Aircon Be Serviced?

According to most air conditioner professionals, an air conditioner service must be done at least once a year. As a part of the servicing, the technician will carefully examine the unit to look for any problems, clean out the ducts and filters, and see to it that the whole system is functioning well to keep your energy bills as low as possible.

It is recommended that the yearly servicing be scheduled at the same time every year. Ideally, you plan the servicing a month or two prior to the hottest season in your place. Doing so can ensure that your unit is perfectly functioning when you need it the most.

Aircon Servicing Inclusions    

The annual AC maintenance must include checking the following parts:

  • Blower
  • Coil fins
  • Coils
  • Compressor
  • Drain line
  • Motor
  • Operating pressures
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Supply lines and connections
  • Temperatures

Do-it-yourself AC Maintenance

Apart from having your aircon serviced annually, there are other things you can do to maintain the optimal performance of the unit.

  • Cleaning or Changing Air Filter

We recommend that you clean your air filter once in two weeks to prevent reduced energy efficiency. Our aircon expert will help you choose the right type of filter. Some filters can be reused after being cleaned, while others need to have new replacements. If you cannot clean the filters every two weeks due to your hectic schedule, doing it at least once monthly is acceptable.

  • Clearing the Drain

Unclogging the drain is among the easiest things to do on your own for aircon maintenance. It is very important because a clogged drain could cause mold growth within your unit and damage to your walls and ceiling with water. Fortunately, you only have to vacuum the drain once a year.

  • Checking for Rust

Check your air conditioner regularly for any signs of rust. You can use weatherproof paint for steel to paint small rusting. However, significant corrosion will require the help of an aircon technician.

  • Removing Obstructions from Condenser

Since the aircon condenser is located outside of the house, it often draws in different debris like twigs and leaves from the outside along with the cool air. When it becomes clogged or obstructed, it will not work efficiently. Regular checking can, therefore, prevent this from occurring too frequently.

  • Checking the Airflow

If you have removed the obstructions from the condenser but you still feel your system is sick, then check the airflow. When the airflow is inconsistent and weak, there is a problem with the unit that should be diagnosed by a technician.

  • Switching Between Cooling and Heating Mode

Another simple way of checking whether or not your aircon is properly functioning is by switching between cooling and heating if the system supplies heating as well. If nothing happens after taking this step, there could be an issue with the reverse valve that needs to be fixed.


Aircon Servicing and Aircon Overhaul: What’s the Difference?


Let’s begin with the regular AC wash. This involves cleaning the exterior and interior of the unit by an expert. They will usually disassemble the parts like the filters, water tray, and fan coils when cleaning an air conditioner. This helps make sure that the internal parts are completely rid of dust buildup, which can cause larger issues in the long run if taken for granted. Standard servicing can also help you prolong the lifespan of the unit by keeping it free from corrosion.


Unlike the regular aircon service that works like a preventative measure, an overhaul means fixing a damaged air conditioner and it back to efficient working condition. If your aircon is not giving off sufficient cool air, for example, then you must call an expert as soon as possible before your problem gets worse. Depending upon the severity of the problem, several professionals will need you to replace many parts of the unit as part of the AC repair.

Your aircon will only need this overhaul if you suspect that its fan bearings are no longer functioning properly, the pipes are leaking water, and the air filters have become dirty and damaged. The technician will usually dismantle the components, similar to air conditioning maintenance. The difference is that in regular servicing, they will just clean the parts and put them back into the unit. On the other hand, in an overhaul, they will thoroughly inspect each part for any damage to restore the system good as new.

Air Conditioning Servicing Vs Buying a New One

Depending upon the age of your air conditioner and your usage, it may be cheaper, in the long run, to buy a new, more energy-efficient unit than to continue servicing an old, inefficient one. You are advised to consult a qualified professional from SOServices to talk about the best choice for your specific need.

Final Thoughts on Aircon Servicing

Air conditioning maintenance must be performed at least once a year by a qualified aircon technician. This will help your unit function in an optimal state when you need it. When you have your system properly cleaned and maintained by our technician in Singapore, you will save bucks on electricity bills and not have to spend much more for an extensive repair.

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