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How is Social Media a good platform for Marketing?

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Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing is a revolution that took us all over like a storm. It has the attention of every single internet user in these times. It is a medium which can either be a website or an application that allows netizens to share and create through words, images, videos and more.

Social Media Marketing also lets netizens connect with other like-minded netizens all over the world. As of 2020, there are an approximate of 3.5 billion people active on social platforms. The more popular social platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Youtube.

A huge audience looking at things that they are interested in is a gold mine for businesses that cater to similar needs. It is a great way to keep in touch with your existing consumers and make new connections with new customers.

Let us look at why SMM has had such a big impact on the marketing industry and how it can help boost your business’ lead generation.

Why Social Media Marketing is Important for your Business?

Increasing awareness of the brand

The scale of your business has no say in the success of your social media optimization technique No matter how small or big the business, SMM gives you an opportunity to display what your company has to offer to potential customers. Exposure is really important for a company’s sales. If no one knows about your product, no one is going to go ahead and buy it. Hence, to bring awareness to your brand and just let people know that your product or service exists will increase chances of reeling in customers.

To make the most out of your social media marketing efforts, have clear goals as to what you want to achieve from it. That way you can have a plan of action and choose the social media platform that can best compliment your strategy. Different Social Media platforms have different methods of marketing techniques which one should read up on before choosing a particular medium to go with. 

Social Media Presence

People are very particular about the purchases they make these days. Mainly because it is so easy to get information on a particular product on the internet due to social media presence and discussions happening on groups formed on these media platforms. Hence, before sealing the deal on a product they do their ample research. Whilst doing this, if they find that your brand does not have a strong social presence or a good reputation, they may deem your brand sketchy and not decide to buy your product despite their interest in it.

How to develop a social media presence?

Having a Good Reputation:

Having a strong social presence backed by a community of loyal customers and a big following would give your brand an authoritative position in your field. It also increases the credibility and reliability of your product or service and brings forth the message that you are good at what you do urging them to purchase from you. Hence, having an active social media account on which you consistently give updates on your service will do wonders for your customer retention and acquiring by bringing you a good online reputation.

Communicate with your customers:

Communication is key in sales. Though it may have gotten lost along the way because of the advent of posters, banners and TV advertisements, Social Media brought the fundamental strategy back to play by allowing you to interact and engage your consumers.

They are constantly advancing and bringing in new features and ways in which you can communicate with prospects. By posting an image, you get to see the validation that the product gets from your customers.

For example, you are business doing well in ice cream, and you post a picture of the newest flavour you have introduced. You can see whether your audience is excited about it or if they would prefer another flavour, etc by the number and content of likes, repost and comments you get.

You can even conduct polls on what flavours your consumers prefer and deliver accordingly, this way maintaining customer satisfaction and letting them know that your brand is active on social media.

Authenticity of Brand

Social Media gives you the opportunity to get creative with how you want to catch the attention of your audience. Mundane and dry promotions are not enough to bring in customers.

With social media, you can use images, gifs, videos, polls, hashtags and so many more features to attract consumers to your brand.

Social Media is a great way to show the passion and personality of your business and work ethic. People respond to emotion and if they have a good feeling about your brand, they are more likely to purchase from you.

You can change up your tone when you address your audience on adverts on social media and greet them as though you are greeting a friend. You can humanize your business.

Social Media gives you the opportunity to become ‘friends’ with your customers and develop a repertoire while making a grand impression depending on how you bring forth your product. 

Q&A Sessions

You can create behind-the-scenes videos and post them on your InstagramTelevision (igtv) or conduct Q&A sessions to keep them involved and anxious about your brand’s new updates. The quality of these images and videos should be top-notch as we are dealing with a generation that idolizes aesthetics. Hence, ensure everything you put up is of good quality and pleasing to the eye. This way you would get a more positive response from your followers, increasing the chances of recommendations and of your posts showing up on more people’s pages.

Customer Support

You can even use it as a way to carry out customer support. Many people turn to social media when they have a query rather than calling the company up. People can ask their questions on forums like Twitter and you can get back as soon as possible with suggestions to enlighten other customers with similar queries. You also have to ensure your replies are always polite even if there are comments criticising your product, respond swiftly and help to the best of your ability as it reflects on your brand reputation.


Social Media Marketing does not cost you as much as other digital marketing techniques but has an efficient turnover and reach. Especially for businesses that are just starting up, you do not require much investment in social marketing, all you need is to make an account and keep it alive. There are additional features you could go for that have a greater reach such as advertising on these platforms in terms of buying digital real estate. This may cost you a reasonable sum of money but the returns will be very much worth it. 

Social Media Marketing is a great way to kickstart or improve your brand image and build networks with potential customers. When done the right way, SMM will not only boost lead generation but also keep you relevant long term. Hence, don’t think twice, create your company profile and keep it active to get the best returns.

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