How do you choose a front door that is secure and aesthetically pleasing at the same time?

<strong>How do you choose a front door that is secure and aesthetically pleasing at the same time?</strong> 1

We all need an entry door that impresses the guests and onlookers but having an entry door for only its aesthetics is not enough. Your safety is equally important. Before choosing a front door for your house, you need to consider three things durability, aesthetics, and security. 

Often the front door of a house can tell a lot about the residents living in it. One can tell by looking at the door if the household is warm and welcoming or private and introverted. You would want to consider the door material, colour, and hardware according to your personality.  

Before you decide to choose an exterior door for your house, consider the following factors.


The front door makes a huge difference to how the exterior of your property looks. I would guess you want a door that makes a style statement and lasts for long without much maintenance. If this is right, then your go-to door material should be timber. High-performance timber doors are long-lasting, sustainable, and (needless to say) absolutely gorgeous.

While some people would want to adorn their front door with bold accents, others would prefer a more understated look. However, in my opinion, whatever the colour of the door maybe, you should always go for contrasting hardware. For instance, if you have a black door, go with a gold frame and handle, and if you have a white door, go for metallic black hardware. 

There are many options like stylish handles, hinges, door knockers, and letterboxes to accessories your door. The market is full of premium quality door ensembles that allow homeowners to personalize their entryway the way they like it. 


As the main entry point to your home, your front door must provide an appropriate level of security. Doors set within a robust frame and hung using premium quality fixing are secure. As additional safety measures, you can choose burglar alarms, video cameras, and a high-tech locking system for your entry door. 

The three components of the door, the frame, the lock, and the door itself should be strong enough to offer high security. If one of these three components is weak, the rest two will become ineffective. Therefore, save up your budget to get the best quality locks, frames, and door material. 

Solid wood (timber) and fiberglass are excellent materials for security, as is steel. All these materials are sturdy and durable, making them good choices for entry doors. 


Premium design, high-quality material, solid construction, and skilled installation will make your front door last longer. While timber doors require regular maintenance (as wood is likely to warp over time), they are comparatively easy to clean, polish, and replace. On the other hand, glass doors require little to no maintenance but need regular cleaning and are not as secure as wood or steel doors. 

As mentioned earlier, your door mirrors your house, so you would want something that subtly introduces your style and persona. Choosing the right door for your home exterior is very important. So, spend some time researching your options and take professional help if need be.

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