How Different Numbers of Roses Express Different Meaning and Emotion


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People always love to say, “I love you” with a bunch of roses. Among all the flowers, roses are the best way for people to express their emotions and true love. Not everyone realized and knows that every single number of roses plays an additional yet equally important role in the symbology of these classic flowers as the colour.

The study claims that the number of roses given by your better half has more meanings than you think it does. Our notion of “the more the merrier” does not always hold true in this case. With every extra flower that is given to you, the meaning of the act changes drastically beyond what you might expect.

Though their remains a chance that the other person gifted you a specific number of the beautiful flowers unintentionally or unknowingly, it is always better to be informed, so that you don’t make the same mistake and send wrong hidden elucidations.

The different meanings of different number of roses are:-

One Rose: Love at first sight

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This signifies his/her attraction towards you instantly or might be given to you by your loved one years after to remind you of their forever fondness towards you.

Two Roses: When someone provides you two roses, it is to enjoy the mutual love and attraction that is present between you. It is a sign that says that you also owe two roses to the other person.

Three Roses: To celebrate the three month anniversary.

Six Roses: To highlight infatuation aimed towards you.

Nine Roses: Adding three roses will signify his intention of being with you forever.

Ten Roses: The complete whole number is a sign that complements you for being perfect and complete for your better half.

Twelve Roses: A dozen of flowers is like the best chocolate from the box. It is your love asking you to be his/her forever.

Thirteen Roses: A dispute arises when the number reaches thirteen. Different sources provide different arguments as follows: Teleflora comments it means you’ll be friends forever, but several other sources, like Love Letter Box say it means you have a secret admirer.

Fifteen Roses: often, this is the number that he/she might go for to apologize for some wrongdoings.

Twenty Roses: Though the bar of excessiveness slightly tilts on the heavier side when it reaches to twenty, it denotes their sincerity towards you.

Twenty-one Roses: The hidden meaning of this number is them showing their dedication towards you.

Twenty-four Roses: The double of a dozen asks you to be theirs or tells you that they are yours.

Twenty-five Roses: Twenty five is often the number of congratulations for some good deeds.

Thirty-six Roses: This will show his/her or your head over heel love for them. Beware it might also label you as a big spender.

Forty Roses: This big bouquet of forty roses symbolizes  your true and genuine love for you loved one.

Fifty/Fifty plus Roses: Often this means love without any boundary it will definitely take a toll on your wallet. Though counting them might be a challenge if you are on the receiving end.

99 Roses

Ninety Nine roses simple express that you will love your sweetheart till the last breathe of your life.

Bouquet of Hundred Red Roses

Hundred Roses

This gesture is a sign to express that you are devoted to your loved one, 100 roses also revealed that the relation with your significant one would last for 100 years.

365 Roses

The number 365 says it all as this enormous flower bouquet is a way to expresses that “i love you” on every single day of the year. Don’t forget to add the extra rose if its a leap year.

999 Roses

This huge bouquet of roses is the sign of endless and unconditional love for your partner.

1000 Rose

Each rose in the bouquet has its own meaning, when you choose to send a bouquet and the number of roses in it carries a message with it. If you are planning to send a huge bouquet of 1000 roses definitely suggest your love goes beyond further than anything else or pass the infinity. Withlovenregards works with all expert florist and makes sure each stem in every bouquet goes fresh deliver your message with love and care.

As you see with different number the meaning of these gorgeous red roses change. Most of us might not be aware of these and it is always better to know beforehand to avoid confusion while gifting rose bouquet. And if you did not know these before now always be ready to understand the hidden signal given by the other person.

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