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How Did Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart become Friends?

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There are many things people want to know about Snoop Dogg. Some commonly asked questions include how tall is Snoop Dogg, how old is Snoop Dogg, how did Snoop Dogg become famous…the list goes on.

But one of the most perplexing questions that people ask about Snoop Dogg is how on earth did he become friends with Martha Stewart? And are they really friends, or is it all an act?

Snoop Dogg has solidified himself as one of the world’s best rappers. His laid back personality, rebellious attitude and effortless raps make him the envy of many in the music industry. He really is too cool for school and rebellious on so many levels. Authority is something he does not follow and he certainly does not hold up the persona of being a good citizen with his length rap sheet of criminal involvement.

And then you have Martha Stewart. The ultimate home master for cooking, crafts, and other life hacks. Moms want to be her and she has created a cookie cutter clean reputation (minus that one tax evasion incident!). She is the perfect person that many strive to be and look up to her greatly for her prim and proper nature.

Well, we are about to deep dive into the tale of the unique friendship from rap legend Snoop Dogg and cooking expert Martha Stewart.

  •   It all started with the Today Show reveal

Until Snoop Dogg was being interviewed on the Today Show, no one even knew that he and Martha Stewart were friends. But he surprised everyone when he started professing his admiration for her, raving about her personality and authenticity. Needless to say, the hosts and audience were shocked as well. But what Snoop Dogg said was accurate.

  •   The first meet on the Martha Stewart Show

Snoop Dogg was one of the last guests to appear on the now cancelled The Martha Stewart Show. The rapper showed a softer and more domestic side as he worked alongside Martha to complete a mashed potato recipe. It was really the first time that a rapper had appeared on any daytime television shows and set the stage for unique personalities who are an unlikely fit to make their way onto the show.

  •   Then round two happened on the Martha Stewart Show

The pair hit it off so well on camera that Snoop Dog was invited back for a second segment of the cooking show. Things got real when the two bonded over laughing about marijuana and cooking hacks both enjoyed doing. The repour engaged audiences and the friendship that was forming seemed quite genuine. At the end of the show, Martha Stewart expressed that she wanted to be better friends with Snoop Dogg.

  •   Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Party begins

With the raging success of the duo’s televised friendship, a new cooking show was formed that showcased Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. It aired in 2016 and broke down walls between different types of celebrities. It also set the stage for the flourishing friendship that would continue. In fact, the show was so popular it even snagged an Emmy nomination! Who would have ever thought a cooking show could be so popular and ground-breaking! The range of guests was also intriguing, with the likes of Ashley Graham and Wiz Khalifa both having their own guest appearances.

  •   The friendship continues on

The Potluck show was not the only television appearances the two continued to do together. They have hosted the Ellen DeGeneres show together and many states that the chemistry that is seen on air continues on during the commercial breaks as well. Those close to the two are adamant there is mutual respect with one another and that there is also genuine love and care that each hold.

  •   Martha Stewart was impressed with Snoop Dogg’s cooking game

You don’t really think of hard core rappers being excellent chefs. But Snoop Dogg is full of surprises. In fact, he even surprised Martha Stewart. She claims her favorite dish he makes is Cornish. And Snoop is grateful for Martha teaching him how to make pizza from scratch. That’s what friends are for, helping each other enjoy more of life’s simple pleasures like food!

  •   A cookbook could be on the way

Wanting to put their friendship into writing, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are rumored to be collaborating on a cookbook now. It is an exciting opportunity to share both of their unique cultures and show how they can combine to form something exquisite. We can’t wait to get our hands on this book!

There you go, a rapper and a cook becoming best friends thanks to a chance encounter on a cooking show. It is a testament that two people with completely different backgrounds and life experiences can form an unbreakable friendship that no one saw coming!  A lesson for us all!