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How choose the perfect coffee


Types of roasting

It is important to note that the taste and aroma of the resulting drink are influenced not only by the degree of roasting of coffee but also by its variety. However, at each stage of this process, you can feel certain taste nuances. There is a classification according to which 5 basic degrees of coffee beans roasting are distinguished:

the weakest (lightest or Scandinavian) roasting;
medium roast;
medium-dark roasting;
dark roasting;
darkest roasting.

Now let’s try to delve deeper into the topic and determine what influence this or that type of roasting of coffee beans has on its taste.

Useful substances

Correct roasting of coffee beans provides the beverage content:

vitamins PP, B1, B2;
All these trace elements, along with the antioxidants available in essential oils, contribute to the normal operation of the body. For example, vitamin B1 is essential for the nervous system. And moderate consumption of a drink with the right degree of coffee roasting will improve your mood without anxiety.

Weak roasting

It can also be called: Cinnamon, Half City, New English. It’s characterized by weak roasting of grains. The color is from gold to cream. The grains have a dry surface, essential oils are not emitted. The tint of taste has a pronounced sourness. Saturation of a slight degree.

Medium frying.

Or American, urban, brown. Characterized by a light brown tint (milk chocolate) and a dry surface. It has a more saturated aroma. The taste is mixed, sweet, and bitter notes prevail, but there is sourness.


It is also called: Viennese, full city or corduroy. This degree of roasting already produces useful essential oils, so the surface of the grain is shinier and more oily. Sweetly bitter notes prevail, the taste is rich and velvety.


Italian, continental, European. This type of roasting is distinguished by a significant degree of oiliness of grain surface and dark brown color. Dark roast coffee has almost no sourness, but a sweet bitter taste is pronounced. This option is considered to be optimal for classic espresso.

It’s the darkest.

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French or Spanish. The grain has a rather dark brown color (close to black) and its surface is very oily. Coffee has no sourness at all. At the same time, the bitterly sweet taste is very rich, you might say, sharp. Such coffee can be used to make lattes. When you add a lot of milk to a cup, it is in combination with the most saturated drink you get a great result and a delicious aromatic bouquet.

The roasting temperature can vary from 180 to 250 ° C. Under the influence of the caramelization process of sugar contained in grains, the latter can crack. This is the norm and is not considered a marriage.

Choosing the ideal coffee

What is the optimum roasting degree for you? It’s up to you. However, it’s worth noting that it’s dark roasting that’s the best way to cheer up your coffee. In this case, for people with some deviations in the cardiovascular system will be more useful beans after light treatment, as the drink has the lowest caffeine content. Also, when making your choice, you should pay attention to:

Coffee grade. After all, for example, Robusta is not rich in flavors but contains more caffeine than Arabica, which means that it will work more efficiently.
Appointment. If you only like espresso or frappé, then the dark roasting will be perfect. And if you want to drink a large cup of americano, it’s better to use a more easily processed grain. You have to remember that coffee taste depends a lot on how well it’s roasted.
Shelf life or roast date.
Attention! The final selection criterion is extremely important. After all, the ability to preserve the original aroma and flavor of the beans decreases every day after roasting. Therefore, the freshness of the product comes first.

However, for a more adequate choice, it is worth trying all types. This will allow you to choose your own flavor and enjoy the taste.

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