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How can you troubleshoot Avast Error Code 7005

Avast Antivirus Error code-bab0a099

Avast antivirus is a popular security program that provides various advanced tools and features to keep your device safe from dangerous threats. Avast antivirus provides you data and network security tools for keeping you safe from various threats. Avast antivirus has a very simple interface that allows everyone to use Avast antivirus easily. Avast antivirus is available in the yearly subscription. Once you get the Avast plan, you can use all the advanced features of your antivirus. But once your Avast antivirus subscription expires then you need to renew the plan for using the Avast service. You can either renew your Avast antivirus manually or you can also go for auto-renewal. Avast has an auto-renewal mode that renews your Avast plan automatically a month before expiry. In case you want to renew the plan manually then you have to cancel Avast antivirus auto-renewal mode otherwise it will renew your plan automatically. The Avast installation process is also very simple but still, some people face few errors while installing Avast antivirus. Many people report error 7005 while installing or scanning with Avast antivirus. Error 7005 is a common Avast error which can occur due to various reasons.

Causes of Avast error 7005

  1. Your internet connection is weak
  2. Incompatible system resources
  3. Another program is conflicting with Avast setup
  4. Your device registry files get corrupted
  5. You have deleted your program files accidentally

Symptoms of Avast Error 7005

  1. Avast installation program corrupts and error 7005 appear on the screen
  2. Running program gets freeze and an error message will appear
  3. Avast error message appears while opening and shutting the computer
  4. Avast error appears while running a particular program

Troubleshooting Avast Error 7005


Check the device specifications

If you are getting the Avast error 7005 while installing Avast antivirus then you should check whether your antivirus is compatible with the device or not. Avast antivirus has few device requirements for installation. But if your device fails to provide all the specifications then you will not be able to install the setup on your device. Check the requirements of your Avast and then check the device specifications. If your Avast is not compatible with the device then purchase an Avast plan which is compatible with your PC.

Repair your registry files

If the Avast error is appearing while opening or shutting down the PC then you should check the registry files. Broken registry files can get you into this kind of issue. The registry files get easily corrupted due to any change in settings or malware infection. Repairing the registry files is not as easy as you need technical knowledge for editing the files. If you are from the technical background then create a backup key and then repair the registry files. Follow the given steps to create the backup key in Windows device:

  1. Close the running program on your PC
  2. Press the Start button
  3. Now you have to click on the search bar and type command
  4. Hold the ctrl and shift keys then press the Enter button
  5. A permission box will appear on your screen
  6. Click on the Yes button
  7. Now you will see a command prompt on the screen (black box with blinking cursor)
  8. Type Regedit on your command prompt
  9. Hit the Enter button

The registry editor will appear on your screen. Click on the Avast related key and hit the export button. Now save the file on the desktop. Edit your registry files to restore all the corrupted files. If you are not from technical background then you should not edit the files manually and ask for professional help.

Remove the junk files

Sometimes junk files on your PC like temporary files and cookies can interrupt other processes. You must remove all the junk files of your PC from time to time. Whenever you get into any runtime error then you should immediately remove all the junk files from the PC. Go to your search bar and type %temp% and press the enter button from the keyboard. You will see the temporary files folder on your screen. Select all the temporary files and then press the delete button. Now check whether your Avast error gets fixed or not. If not then you should remove other junk files also. Use the Windows disk cleanup app for removing the junk files. Follow the given steps for removing all the junk files from PC:

  1. Click on the Windows search bar and type the command
  2. Hold ctrl and shift keys
  3. Press the Enter button
  4. You will see a permission prompt on the screen
  5. Hit on Allow button
  6. Windows command window will display on your screen
  7. Type cleanmgr on the command prompt
  8. Hit the Enter button

Now the Disk Cleaner tool of Windows will scan your whole PC for the junk files. A list of checkboxes will appear on your screen. Review and check the boxes you want to delete. Now restart your PC and check whether your error is fixed or not. Another method for troubleshooting the error is reinstalling Avast antivirus. If the Avast error 7005 is appearing due to deleted program files then reinstalling Avast will resolve your error immediately.