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How 5G Technology is Changing Our World


If we say that technology is rapidly changing the entire world, then I am sure none of you would be surprised. Of course, the case is exceptional for all of us.

Not one or two, in fact, the entire world is revolving around the technology and its modification. What about you? We are sure that you all are being influenced by this revolution, in some certain ways.

By the way, how about the 5G technology? We can bet that you all know exactly what 5G technology is. In case, if some of you don’t know then let us tell you. Just like your 4G help in connecting your mobile phones and other devices with the internet. Similarly, 5G is an advanced technology with which many industries could be connected with the augmented reality (fictional world).

Now, to make the picture clearer, let’s bat an eye on all the aspects and factors which would eventually get changed with the integration of 5G technology. And oh, let us give you a friendly reminder that the change (which we will discuss) is expected in the upcoming years.

So, don’t think that it’s not relevant to you because we all going to experience this change. In short, we all are in the same boat (at least in this case).

No drivers needed- relax! 

Imagine a car with no driver. This may sound useless right now but, soon this would turn in to a reality. Yes, you heard it right. Since the facts signified that around 95% of accidents usually happen because of human errors (maybe technologists thought to give chance to augmented reality this time). Hence, in the upcoming time, cars would be drive-by robots (invisible robots). And oh, this doesn’t mean that you can just sit and relax, no! You need to keep control and need to direct the driver. Take it easy. Taking help from a 5G connection could do wonders. Oh yes, as your virtual driver needs to be assisted promptly and setting the location with the Google map could help you in this. Although, for this, you must assure that you have the fastest yet efficient connection. Like, 5G network.

 Work digitally 

Let’s get back into the memory lane where we all living a simple life and the internet used to be a rare (desktop) thing. Now, get back into the present and think about how time flies. Ok, we all know very well about the freelancing and people who are doing business in another country while even without moving to any other place. Yeah, that’s the irony of technology. It’s time to give a little surprise because soon, the entire world does remote work. In fact, let’s take an example of the present time where the whole world is doing business just at one strategy i.e. ‘work from home’. Well, at this, we should give all credits to COVID-19. Anyways, somehow you all have experienced this change. Such as, availing genuine essay writing services in UK, while you are in the USA. Doing shopping from brands that are not in your country. Of course, for this, you need a good connection and 4G is helping you right now. But, wait for a while and soon 5G is going to replace it with some better modifications.


Smart homes- no mess maybe? 

Imagine coming back home, all tired and frustrated, and Hola! No need to do anything, just say everything would occur (magically). Let’s say thank you to the technologists. After all, all of this was not less than a dream, so far. So yes, let us make your pulses excited because you could live this dream (in reality). Now, in this century, you can convert your traditional homes into smart homes. All you need to do is, install the smart apps, and make sure your device is all time connected with good internet. So, you could tell your assistant what to do and what not to. By the way, there is an app and website too where students can take writing help in 7$, take this brownie tip and make sure to do some practice before giving all in the hands of your assistant.

Virtual medical assistance 

Paying frequent visits to doctors might become a rare thing, with the passage of time. At least, not for checkups, until or unless it’s an emergency. Sounds weird? Well, that’s true. Soon, this world would use the technology of telemedicine. I mean, just take a moment and think about the time when you will be treated by a doctor from another country. Yes, of course, you need to travel for this, maybe from one room to another. That’s it. There are huge possibilities that the invention of 5G technology will help in facilitating patients through telemedicine facilities.

Don’t be surprised, the way technology is being modified, we can expect anything to happen. All you should do is, keep yourself updated with the modifications and try to upgrade too.

Michael Hussey is a digital marketer and blogger. He writes about motivation, education and personal development, mostly about career help. He hopes to make a good difference in the lives of people by sharing society related relevant stories and blogs also by his personal journey.