Home Improvement Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value


A great way to improve the value and convenience of your home is through home improvements. Major renovations and minor repairs alike can dramatically change the look and feel of your home. Whether you’re looking for a DIY project for the weekend or a great way to improve your home’s value before a sale, grab your measuring tools and start planning one of these projects.

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Add a Bathroom

Adding a bathroom is one of the best ways to improve your home, particularly if there’s only one bathroom to begin with. A single bathroom home can expect as much as a 130% return on investment. Consider adding a basic half-bath with a toilet and sink or upgrade to a deluxe soaker tub and standing shower.

A half-bath only needs 18 square feet of space. Larger bathrooms need 35 square feet or more, depending on the type of bathtub and shower you’re planning. Be sure to check out local zoning regulations for spacing around your toilet and other fixtures as you measure and plan for this project.

Update Your Kitchen

Another popular room for renovations to add value is your kitchen. If you have older appliances or outdated kitchen decor, you could enjoy a significant return on investment for this remodeling project as well. Upgrade your kitchen with new appliances, updated countertops, light fixtures and more.

Be cautious of how much you invest in your kitchen. If you spend a significant amount of your total home’s value on a new kitchen, you’re not likely to see a full return on investment. Use measuring tools to calculate the correct appliance, cabinet and counter top sizes to ensure a proper fit.

Touch Up Your Paint

Worn paint communicates a home in disrepair. Even if you’ve updated multiple rooms in your home, a few areas of shabby paint can reduce the value and appeal of your house. Invest in a professional painter or pick up a few gallons of paint to touch up worn areas.

Start with your curb and work your way through your home. A faded front door or siding can be a major turn off, so start with these visible areas. Next, check out your kitchen, living room, bathroom and master bedroom. A coat of paint is an affordable way to refresh these rooms for a brand-new look.

Invest in Energy Efficiency

Modern homes are energy efficient homes. Check out the latest in energy-efficient appliances, light bulbs and insulation. If you live in a cooler climate, add a layer of insulation in your attic to reduce your utility bills. Consider switching out light bulbs for LED alternatives and schedule a cleaning service for your HVAC system. These additions can improve your air quality and reduce your monthly bills.


Attractive homes are nothing without equally appealing landscaping. A pop of color provided by springtime flowers or the shade of towering tree brings much needed allure to your home.

A New Front Door

The face of your home ties it all together. Make sure your front door is as appealing as the rest of your home by giving your door a new coat of varnish, paint, or upgrade its hardware.

New Floors

You don’t have to get crazy when it comes to new floors. A fresh, durable coat of epoxy patterned with glass, marble, or granite can brighten any room with this beautiful mosaic of colors. Not to mention the serious upgrade a new coating of epoxy will do for your floors.

Redo Your Old Deck

One of the best returns of investments is a solid, usable outdoor deck. Nothing is more attractive than the potential to spend just as much time inside a beautiful home as you do outside. Not only does it make reselling a home easier, but will boost your curb appeal.

Update Your Garage Door

This is not a costly project and has the potential to reap plenty of curb appeal for your home. A beautiful garage door can do wonders for the look and style of your house.

Gear Up for a Home Improvement Project

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