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Gym Flooring Tips – How to Choose the Best Gym Flooring

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Your choice of gym flooring can determine how effective your workout is. Choosing a surface that works best for you and your workout requires thinking about a few different factors. A good, solid floor surface should be warm, soft, absorbent, durable, comfortable, and attractive. Here are some tips for choosing the right type of gym flooring for your needs.

Size and Shape – The first thing to consider when choosing gym flooring is its size. This should always match the available space you have in your gymnasium. A large room will need more cushion than a small gym, and a smaller room will need less cushion than a larger room. This is especially true if you choose wood flooring, which needs lots of areas for easy movement and a stable footing. Different flooring materials also provide different performance in this area.

Material – The next thing to consider is the material you want your flooring to be made from. In general, choosing a wood-based flooring material will give you the best warmth and durability. Synthetic materials may be better, but they are more expensive. Natural materials are the most affordable, but they tend to break down quickly. For a natural look, you can use recycled products such as cork, sandstone, or bamboo. Make sure the product you choose has been treated to resist water and chemicals.

Directional Features – You also need to consider directional features when choosing your gym flooring. Some features are used to promote proper foot placement during exercise. A center platform provides support and allows all exercise areas to be easily seen at a glance. Lower rails are great for providing safety by eliminating jarring impacts and direct blow to the feet.

Functionality – You also need to consider what functions you will need. If you do a lot of swimming or yoga, it’s necessary to have mats that are easy to clean. Floor mats may also be used in more commercial gyms for providing cushioning for bare feet. If you want a harder flooring material, metal is an option.

Long-Lasting Performance – You also need to consider how long you plan to use your flooring during high-impact activities such as lifting, running, and jumping. Most mats will be machine-washable, but other types of flooring may require special care. Wood flooring can become marred over time and is usually very difficult to refinish, but faux wood and laminate floors can last a long time, even with regular cleaning.

Customer Service – You also need to consider how fast and responsive the company will be when your flooring needs require it. A company with a big presence will usually be able to provide your flooring at a reasonable price. A company that doesn’t offer flooring is more likely to take a loss on the purchase, which will decrease the quality of the flooring. Take a look at the websites of the companies you are considering and compare their customer service ratings.

Installation Costs – The cost of installing your gym flooring can vary greatly. If you live in a small community where home improvement projects are farmed out, the cost is generally lower. If you choose a custom-made system, the cost may be higher.

Warranty – When purchasing gym flooring, check the warranty. If the product is made from premium quality material, you should be able to get a one-year warranty on the product. If you choose a custom-made product, the warranty may not apply.

Customer Service – You also need to consider how quickly the company will be able to address any problems that arise during your workout session. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints against the company. Also consider how long the company will allow you to return the faulty flooring to them for repair.

Find Out About Money-Back Guarantee – Ask if there is a money-back guarantee on your product. This means that if you don’t like the flooring, you can receive your money back without a return. Since so many people invest in gym flooring, these types are very popular and you should have no trouble finding a company offering a money-back guarantee.

Choosing the best gym flooring is very important. Consider these points as you shop for a new floor for your gymnasium.