Guide to Purchasing a Payroll Software for Payroll Management


Managing payroll for a dynamic organization is never an easy task, but you can minimize a lot of headache by thoughtfully investing in a good payroll software. While in general payroll management is often seen as a bane to the ever-burdened HR department, it becomes more pronounced with seemingly unending lists of hurdles faced by the payroll department and eats valuable time that can otherwise be spent on other core HR activities. For the payroll department, an error or oversight on their part for a critical task like record keeping and verifying the reliability of pay data involving various complexities could even sound the death knell for the department’s efficiency. 

With a burgeoning technological market, the trend is moving towards a complete shift from spreadsheet-based payroll to going online for all requirements. Having an effective payroll software for your organization is no longer just an option, but a critical necessity for smooth operation of various functions. The boons of a cloud based payroll management software such as mobile access, ease of use, employee collaboration and efficiency make it a very desirable option. 

With a multitude of attractive claims to provide ease of convenience and data-driven solutions, and a plethora of offerings available in the market, it can become an arduous task to finalize your search for the best payroll software. Every organization is unique and so are their needs for a payroll management software. As such, the payroll tool your organization is considering needs to be such that fits the unique requirement of your organization. So what are the parameters you should be considering before going ahead and making your final selection? 

To make your task of zeroing down on the best payroll software easier, we have listed some of the things an organization should keep in mind while purchasing a payroll software – 


  1. Integration with Existing Solutions and Ease of Use

Is there some sort of payroll system in place that you want to link your new payroll software with? Are you required to import data to your payroll software from spreadsheets or from some software already in use? 

As most organizations would have some arrangement or the other to manage their payroll in place, ease of integration should be your first expectation while switching to a new payroll solution. Implementation of a new software should be such that it does not invite further complexities for HR or a finance person. The software should be trouble free and developed in such a way that a non-technical person can also use it.

These are very crucial questions demanding your utmost attention when choosing your payroll package. Check with your vendor and satisfy yourself on various integrations or import features available.


  1. Holistic Solution with Simple Workflow

Does your new payroll management solution ensure simple workflow under the gambit of a holistic solution to efficiently manage all your payroll needs?

Payroll management is a complex process and encompasses activities like leave reconciliations, attendance, keeping a track of employee exits, salary increments, etc. Your payroll software should ensure a consistency and efficiency in managing all these intertwined processes. We are sure you would hate to have multiple solutions to manage these processes for the lack of consistency, wouldn’t you?


  1. Do you need to be Mobile?

We live in a highly mobile world. As such, you are very frequently required to process payroll from different locations. Because of such scenarios, wouldn’t you like to have access to your payroll software on the move from your mobile devices? If your answer is in affirmative then a cloud based payroll software solution is for you.

Your software solution should let you view, operate and function payroll processes on your mobile screen. It should provide you with the freedom to manage employees and assign them tasks from anywhere on the globe with devices of different screen resolutions. 


  1. Quality and Availability of Customer Support

Before going ahead with a new payroll software, it is of paramount importance to make sure that the quality and availability of support is not compromised after onboarding with the software provider. 

Payroll in itself is a very complex process, and organizations require help during the onboarding process and later using it. Support at every stage should be readily available. 


  1. Can you try the software before you actually buy?

Trying out a payroll package under your consideration before you purchase allows you to evaluate it against the enumerated parameters.  Moreover, testing a software package beforehand is the best way to iron out the kinks.

Check if your provider is offering a trial period. This will allow you to test out the software before you commit to buy, and save you from the post purchase dissatisfaction.


Once you’ve done your research on the listed points and resolved all the gaps, purchasing a payroll management software and rolling it out formally will be a cakewalk. 

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