Google Officially Announces Core Algorithm Update! May 2020

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Google Update Core Algorithm! … I already knew a few days before. And I’m not rushing to post this article. Want to see first how the fate of the SEO strategy that I have done lately. Is it bad or positive? Hoho.

And it turns out that the Core Update by Google is the most beautiful blessing.

Amid the dizziness of the Corona Virus outbreak, the search engine giant gave the site a prize. Where most of the target keywords are difficult, now it gets a good place in the search engines.

Google officially announced the May 2020 Core update through its Google SearchLiaison Twitter account. Follow-up Tweets are then made one hour after the first announcement informing everyone that; The May 2020 Core Update is in effect. Although it can take up to two weeks before fully working to its full potential.

Not being well with Google analytics for a digital media expert in 2020 is like a photographer not knowing how to take pictures using a camera.

Google Analytics is a great tool for keeping an eye on your website. With the help of Google Analytics, you can find out what’s doing well on your website and what’s not. It also lets you keep track of where your traffic is coming from and why they are spending time on your website whether it’s reading your blog or watching a video or just scrolling through your services or product pages.

By harnessing the power of Google Analytics, you can plan your strategy accordingly and boost sales and traffic on your website effectively.

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What Changed The Core Update in May 2020?

As usual, Google does not provide a clear picture in this regard. And this is understandable because core updates do not focus on individual factors, but rather focus on algorithms globally.

Google once again refers to their blog post about what we should know about their core updates.

There are three possibilities that can occur after a fully working core update:

  • This positively influences site ranking and traffic,
  • This has a negative impact on site ranking and traffic,
  • It does not affect site ranking and traffic.

Until now, I did not want to draw conclusions. And keep waiting for further developments. Although currently most of the pages get a pretty good ranking.

But, if it is then bad, the thing that can be done is to evaluate the SEO strategy that has been done before. Opportunity to learn the latest determinants of SEO.

The latest Core Update was released in January 2020. And if now it has been renewed again, it is like a pretty short time difference. The assumption is that this might improve the previous one. It could also have something to do with major changes in the new trend of search behaviour due to a pandemic.

Looking At The SERP

Finally, I only see changes or impacts of this core update through Google Console. See a graph of the performance of total clicks and total impressions. Ensuring that nothing big happens at this time.

Before we jump onto the conclusion, you need to understand the following points.

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In conclusion, every Google algorithm update occurs that the ranking changes remain. But it did not have a big impact. Some sites still survive without experiencing significant changes.

If you have done the best SEO practices. And keeping ongoing through White Hat’s way, maybe the latest algorithm update is not that worrisome. What is clear is that we must be prepared to adapt to all situations.

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And the important thing that needs to be done is to make sure, whatever site optimization actions are, are not worthy of punishment. What do you think?