Surrogate Mother Agency

It is a very difficult and important task for the intended couple to find the right surrogate. So this will take effort and time. So, many surrogate agencies opened in Czech that help the couple to find the right surrogate without wasting more time.

The agency offers screening services of a surrogate. Our leihmutter agentur finds a surrogate, looks after and counsels the surrogate from the start of surrogacy journey till childbirth. An agency cost for medication, and IVF procedure.

Services at Surrogate Mother Agency

A surrogate mother agency Angels Friend provides its complete service like:

    • Provide a quick surrogate that is right for a couple.
    • The agency provides a quick treatment.
    • They provide all documents and contracts before a start of treatment.
    • The agency also makes a contract with IVF clinics.
    • It provides monitoring and screening during the treatment of the surrogate.
    • Look after the surrogate during the pregnancy period.
    • Agency organizes all the steps till delivery.

Surrogacy Steps one should follow:

Step 1: Provide Information

Agency gives information to intended couples on the treatment of surrogacy. The agency gives details of surrogacy costs to couples. Agency also provides consultation on phones to discuss the procedure in-depth and answer all confusing questions.

Step 2: Eligibility

When couples complete the eligibility form of the agency after checking consultation, previous medical treatment, and medication that confirms that the couple needs surrogacy treatment under Czech Law.

Step 3: Payment and Contract

At this stage, the agency finds the right surrogate for candidates and take their approval. They made contracts and pay to start the IVF procedure.

Step 4: Screening and Stimulation

The agency then passed a surrogate and intended parents through medical screening by the IVF clinics. The clinics give medicine and injection daily to an intended mother to stimulate her ovaries. At the same time, surrogates take medicine for the preparation of the endometrium for embryo transfer.

Step 5: Confirmed Pregnancy

After the 14 days of placement of embryo in a surrogate pregnancy is confirmed after the blood test. They inform the intended parent at each step of pregnancy.

Step 6: Childbirth

All the process is organized earlier. A coordinator from the agency is available for administrative duty. All documents that are required for newborn passport hand over to intended parents.

Surrogate Mother

A surrogate must be a woman of age above eighteen and below thirty-five. A surrogate must give birth to one healthy baby. Surrogate must know all the complications and procedures of delivery. She must be psychologically, physically, and mentally fit. She must be emotionally ready for the surrogacy process. A surrogate passed through a series of tests like syphilis, gonorrhea, and AIDS. She also passes through many blood tests. That surrogate mother is considered for the IVF process whose all reports must be clear.

Parental Rights

Biological parents are those who donate eggs/sperms for the IVF process. The biological mother of a child at the time of birth is the woman who gave birth to it. After some days surrogate handovers parental rights to the intended parents of a child. According to Czech law that giving a child to intended parents needs the consent of the surrogate and it is risky that a surrogate refuses to give a child to the parents. We take all these into account for leihmutter tschechien surrogacy in Czech Republic.

Focal points of surrogacy in Czech republic:

Following are the focal points of surrogacy in Czech republic:

    • Surrogacy in Czech republic is legal

Surrogacy in Czech Republic is legal and intended parents have all the rights to have a child through surrogacy. The substitute mother has no rights on the child as it is clear from DNA that the child belongs to intended parents.

    • Court procedures

There are no court procedures or techniques to claim the child. Conventionally the court has given rights to intended parents with all the policies to have a child through surrogacy.

    • Health of a surrogate mother

It is to keep in mind that the health of a surrogate mother should be perfect. The surrogate mother should be physically, mentally, and genetically fit.

    • Surrogate mother age and history

The age of a surrogate mother should be between 20 to 35. A non-smoker is the first priority for a surrogate mother. There should be no hereditary or inheritance issues with the surrogate mother. And also no misuse of any substance should be recorded in the past history of the surrogate mother.

Screening of surrogate mother in Czech republic:

The screening should be held for a surrogate mother to review the health conditions.

    1. Medical screening

This type of screening is done to ensure that the surrogate mother is not suffering from any blood disease, drug use or any irresistible sickness

    1. Genetic screening

This type of screening is done to ensure that there is no family default inheritance or hereditary problems.

    1. Psychological screening

In this type of screening surrogate mothers are interviewed by clinicians to ensure their mental health is stable.


The surrogacy agency coordinates the couples and helps them. Surrogate agencies make a person stress-free and make the journey of surrogacy easy by providing a healthy surrogate. Surrogacy is not prohibited in the Czech Republic but does not develop any regulatory advancement in this regard. Surrogate charges nothing under law but parental rights are complex in Czech. The adoption process for biological parents can be delayed up to six months under the court decision.

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