Extra support for new Teachers Among a Surge in Applications


Pandemic effect on the education system:-

All the schools across the country decided to reopen in September. The second wave of pandemic coronavirus is ready now to attack humans, but it will be a mild attack as compared to that of the first wave. Schools have to take precautionary measures such as maintaining physical distance and use of masks and gloves. It is necessary to divide each class into two or more divisions to sustain the social distance of two meters among pupils. That will require more number of teachers for handling more classrooms. Schools have been closed since March, so pupils will face a difficulty to maintain a stable momentum of regularity. Teachers will also have to make extraordinary efforts to prepare the mental level of students to meet their losses in this epidemic.

Grant by Education Department:-

The government announced to give an individual donation to schools to maintain stability in regular classes. Additional training will be conducted for the teachers to train them against the short-comes they will face in reopening of schools. About 5,000 new teachers will be assigned to different schools at the district level to fulfil faculty requirements. All these teachers will gain training to boost the development of brain-powers of pupils. As compared to last year, there will be an increase of twelve per cent more training at school levels. A new project named ‘Early Career Framework’ will be introduced in different areas like Bradford, Greater Manchester and other North-East regions. Almost 2,000 teachers will be benefited from this project at the time. A grant of 2200 pounds will support every participant school in this training after the completion of training. They will learn to manage extra classrooms and strength of pupils to maintain a healthy environment for studies. Moreover, the authorities will take care of those teachers at the individual level, which is working in backward areas of the state. There is a capacity of 3,000 teachers in the regions deployed, and the government will serve them with a special grant after completion of training. One-to-one instructor sessions will be arranged for all new applying teachers to make a better standard of education after the crisis of coronavirus.

Increase in number of Applicants in the Teaching Department:-

Over the last few months, a significant increase in the number of applications for the recruitment of teachers is noticed by the Education Department in the UK. Mr Nick Gibb, Minister of School Standards in London said, “It is auspicious to know that there is a large surge in the number of applicants for the post of teachers, as our talented community is encouraged to join the education system. The Early Career Framework for new recruiting teachers is a great step of government for the betterment of faculty. It will enhance the quality standards of every school after the disaster of the pandemic of coronavirus. Our Department will warmly welcome these new teachers”. Education Department is solely responsible for making newly appointed teachers prepared for challenges and bounties of teaching. This will ensure the pupils and parents to receive a high-quality education in schools. When these teachers enter classrooms in September for the first time, they will be able to manage any hurdles owing to full confidence in their field. All the newly recruited teachers will be given free high-quality training material to do practice at the individual level. These reforms will help faculty to develop sustainability in the education system. Online assignment help UK is also trying to help students in continuing their online studies.

It is proved that the quality of teachers directly affect the outcomes of pupils and imparts in nation-building to a significant extent. Government has declared its critical points for the development of quality of education and mind set up of young pupils. But it is up to teachers to fulfil their duties wholeheartedly to pay their responsibility towards their country.

Package for Early Career Faculty members:-

Teachers played an essential role in the well-being of a nation always. Since the coronavirus disease is out-broken all over the world, teachers are also in a situation of crisis. But it is encouraging moment that there is seen a surge in the number of applicants for teaching. They are ready to support their pupils in this pandemic, although they know there are dangers in schools to have a large population around them. Government has released a supporting package for all these teachers. Free training and stipends will be given to every teacher at the individual level by the Education Department. Department has made a vast policy for early career teachers who are ready to fight against these crises of the epidemic. They will support pupils in every possible way for the betterment of the quality of education in schools.

The General Secretary for Association of School and College Leaders, Mr Geoff Barton, said, “We are pleased to welcome our early career teachers as they have decided to serve students in this pandemic situation. These teachers demonstrated their worth in this time of shortness of faculty members. All these teachers will be supported in every possible way because these are mentors to our future assets of the country.”

The General Secretary for National Association for Head Teachers, Mr Paul Whiteman, stated that the Early Career Framework launched by the government would help newly recruited teachers to get enough help in resolving the issues they may face in schools. It is one crucial step for the retention and improvement of teachers.

Impact of Covid-19 on quality of education:-

Due to Covid-19, teachers are in great difficulty to restart the regular classes in school. They have to face some extraordinary challenges to maintain a healthy environment in school as well as to support the delivery of quality education to students. However, the entrance of young talent in the teaching profession is always encouraged and praised across the country. As the Chairperson of Teaching Schools Council, Mr. Richard Gill said in one meeting that it would lead the education department to new concepts of development by recruiting new talent. We should encourage all of them so that they are satisfied mentally to serve pupils. There lie many exciting opportunities for new coming teachers, but some challenges are also there to meet them in the future. However, we hope they will overcome these challenges by the determination and support of their seniors.