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Exciting New Zealand brand Parrs is G&M Orient’s latest signing

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G&M Orient is incredibly excited to announce their latest signing: Parrs Products. Parrs is a New Zealand brand that began in 1951, and since then has experienced incredible growth. They have recently branched out into skincare, with their Wild Ferns product ranges providing naturally-based solutions to skin concerns and general skin care. 

GM Orient has just signed exclusive distribution rights to the Australian Daigou markets. This deal with Parrs will bring the amazing Wild Ferns products into the Australian Daigou markets, pharmacies, grocery and other channels. Through GM Orient’s large distribution network, the brand will be able to grow across Australia pacific, Asia, Africa, The Middle East and North America. This means that customers will soon be able to experience New Zealand made skincare ranges, made with natural ingredients directly from their beautiful country. 

Parrs is a family-owned brand, with husband and wife Greg and Janet managing the company with their two daughters. Eric (Director of G&M Orient) loves working with owners who are hands-on with their businesses, and Parrs will be a great addition to our wholesale family. 

We at G&M were drawn to Parrs because of their use of native New Zealand ingredients in their skincare; in fact, they are known as industry leaders. They were the first company to realise that Kiwifruit, Thermal Mud, and Manuka Honey had benefits that could be harnessed for effective and natural skincare. 

They started this journey with an experiment not seen before in the beauty industry; using Thermal Mud from Rotorua to make a bar of soap with amazing benefits. Now known as pioneers due to the success of this experiment, it allowed Parrs to continue to discover and utilise natural ingredients in different skincare applications. 

The Wild Ferns range contains several sub-ranges, each based on organic New Zealand ingredients. The Bee Venom products help to increase your skin’s production of elastin and collagen, as well as its circulation, while the Kiwifruit range contains Kiwifruit extract that restores the natural moisture levels of your skin, soothing it too. 

Lanolin is used for its efficiency as an emollient, and to help your skin retain moisture. Manuka Honey has a range of skincare benefits, including promoting collagen production and reducing and preventing wrinkles. It has powerful antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Another exciting ingredient unique to New Zealand is the Thermal Mud from Rotorua, which is full of minerals that deeply cleanse and purify your skin without stripping moisture. 

Natural New Zealand flower extracts are also included in many of the products, for beautiful fragrance without irritation. It is this innovation and dedication to harnessing the power of local natural ingredients that G&M admires and appreciates, and why Parrs’ Wild Ferns range is a perfect fit for us. 

We look forward to working with Parrs, and hope to bring you news of another exciting signing soon. As always, keep an eye out on our website for the most up to date information and news from GM Orient.

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