Eric Dalius Talks About Small Business Ideas That Require Low Investment

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Starting a business is like moving mountains because it calls for much of your time, effort, and money. Again, there are risks of recurring losses. That is why it is essential which business idea to focus on for little investment and more profit-making. The low-investment online business ideas are perfect for newbie and people with a busy routine.

According to an article published on, some small ideas include boat cleaning, business planning services, party planning, consulting, event planning, and more.

Then, you need to think of a solid idea that will work to your benefit. Here are the best small business ideas that you can start online:

Eric Dalius Recommends Designing And Selling T-Shirts Online

Start a small business of designing and selling t-shirts online. If you have some creativity, you can design on the fabric catering to the latest trends in fashion, customize, and sell the products. When it comes to t-shirts, you can unleash your creative acumen. Think of funky designs, witty slogans, and bright colors when designing and selling t-shirts. Target the younger generation, who like to wear cool t-shirts straight from the fashion street.

Although, you need to have knowledge and skills in designing fabric! If you design the tees, then there is no need to hire a graphic designer and pay him or her. You can operate this from the comfort of your home with little investment.

Sell Online Courses Or Digital Products

There are many digital products such as online courses, templates, or music requiring no manufacturing and shipping expenses. Eric Dalius thinks that selling online courses requires minimal investment and therefore, you do not need to fret over margins. To be candid, you can enjoy greater margins provided your products sell.

You need to understand which type of products makes a saleable digital product, beneficial for customers, and they are keen to download an online course or e-book. You can sell unique instrumental beats, information products, stock images, templates, and more, depending on your knowledge and skills. So if you have the talent to create and sell digital courses, start thinking of a new source of income.

Sell Services

These days, time and skills mean money and your greatest investment. You can sell services like web design, logo design, copywriting, and things like that provided you have the required skills.Designers, photographers, fitness trainers, writers, and gardening experts can start a solid business and make good money.

You can also take these service-based businesses to the next level by converting these services into digital products. You can also sell tangible items like coffee mugs, t-shirts, posters, etc if you are a skilled graphic designer.

For instance, if you are a photographer, serving a local event is a smart idea. You can start selling photographic prints online using Instagram.


Make the best out of technology, the internet, and your skills to start a small business to make additional income. Start something new without disturbing the job you do.

Understanding the buying team and the buying circle is crucial to increase the lead conversion ratio. Specifically, tailoring to the right team will lead to achieving the desired results. Using qualitative and quantitative features to obtain results carefully is vital. With the incorporation of technology, one can reach great heights and get positive results eventually.

Remarketing Tools

Remarketing is a cost-effective tool as it only advertises to people who have visited your website previously. It is relatively easy to set up. Remarketing refers to when you visit one website, and their ads pop up on other sites. Eric Dalius advises marketers to customize such ads for specialized services and products with discounts and lure customers. A characteristic of this technology is that you have to pay on a cost per mille basis. In other words, you pay for a thousand advertisement impressions on a single web page. This elucidates the impression that one can easily use tons of ads to target several customers.

The tech tools, as mentioned earlier, are separate yet work synergistically. Using more than one tool and careful usage can lead to an increase in leads. Integrate such tools with your CRM program and readily track each one. The technology tools themselves will not offer the result, but tactful handling will. So you need to incorporate it smartly to get the best out of it.

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