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efia odo leaks

efia odo leaks

Efia Odo and the YOLO star have not been in acceptable terms, with web based life being their fight ground so clearly when the viral s*x tape of Fella got spilled, Efia absolutely be upbeat.

Be that as it may, agreeing another report we located on the Instagram page of tattle gateway Those Called Celebs, efia odo leaks had reached them to spread the asserted s*x tape on their site to discolor the picture of Fella Makafui.

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At the point when later a similar page posted about Efia with her most recent sweetheart who is asserted to be hitched with 3 children, engaged with extortion business and pimping, got goaded and slid into their DM for explanation.

– A legacy video of efia odo leaksand Shatta Wale ‘playing’ with one another in bed has sprung up

– This comes after Moesha Boduong uncovered Efia of engaging in extramarital relations with a famous performer whom she additionally prematurely ended a pregnancy for

– The video has caused numerous individuals to presume that Shatta Wale was the artist behind Efia Odo’s fetus removal

YEN.com.gh has located a wild video of Efia Odo and Shatta Wale having a ‘grown-up’ play in bed.

In any case, even before setting off to the bed, Efia Odo was caught going all over on Shatta Wale, ensuring that her ‘tonga’ contacted him while he was situated in a seat.

Shatta Wale was likewise caught infrequently kneading Efia Odo’s ‘tonga’, while a cool music was being played out of sight.

The two, as indicated by video, seemed to have moved to an extremely huge bed to peak the entire show.

The video, as indicated by data accumulated by YEN, is an old one which was shot not long after Efia migrated to Ghana from the US where she lived previously.

Maybe, she was taking part in an extramarital entanglements with Shatta Wale on her coming to Ghana.

The video has spilled after Moesha Boduong about Efia, and in addition to other things, blamed for her having a fetus removal for a well known artist she once dated.

As indicated by Moesha, aside from that famous performer, Efia Odo likewise dated another artist in any event, when she was companions with the artist’s sweetheart.

Moesha likewise guaranteed that Efia was prone to date rich men including footballers.

efia odo leaks 2

She included, nonetheless, that these men don’t give Efia ‘large’ monies as she expected, focusing on that Efia was just given GH₵1000, and some of the time GH₵500.

This, Moesha demonstrated, made Efia felt second rate, and envious of her.

Along these lines, with the happening to this video, a few fans have said they accept that everything Moesha said about Efia was valid.

For example, an Instagram client, Abena showed that she accepted the allegations Moesha leveled against Efia Odo:

abenasweetheart: “So implies that what moesha was stating got something valid in it.

Prisilla, who seemed stunned seeing the video, made statements were going on behind the scene:

A clearly exhausted Iyke said individuals like Efia Odo ought not be called big names since they don’t merit it:

People is high time we quit calling this slayers and snatchers celebrates coz no one praise this thoughtful things. In gh we just hv a hand not many of praises that individuals turn upward to.”

Nana likewise held a comparable view, including that alleged big names like Efia Odo were disfavoring Ghana:

nanaadwoagyasi: “I don’t hw Ghanaians we pick our celebs,or lemme state I don’t know hw one needs to do to b a celeb in Ghana♀️. OMG u folks shld see Nigerian celebs doing grt for themselves n putting their nation on de globe,Well some of Ghanaians re doing grt(de genuine celebs tho) mmmmm please would we be able to quit calling these new n self acclaimed Celebs n center around de old n unique celebs we as a whole definitely know,aahba these wannabes re jux disrespecting Ghana♀️.”

John Dumelo additionally implied that he realized more disclosures would follow Moesha’s report

Another Instagram client, Choco, who was maybe paralyzed by Efia Odo’s exhibition, reasoned that she had a degree in ‘bedmatics’

Likewise bewildered, Rita remarked in the Twi language that issues had been secured up boxes

Attractive darlings, on observing the video really wanted to shout “Jesus is Lord”

In the interim, Efia Odo, who went crazy called Revloe, is said to have parted ways with him.

She has in this manner erased all posts and photographs she made about Revloe from her Instagram page.

She was in the news for over Revloe, in any event, when a web-based social networking client uncovered that he previously had a child mom, and was likewise a

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