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Easy Chocolate Gifting Ideas For Mom

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Making sure that your mom knows every second of every day how much you appreciate her — how much you relied on her over the years, from the time she took you around in the Subaru family’s backseat to the day before yesterday, when she wrote you a family pup video because she knew it would make your afternoon brighter — is your number one priority as a son or daughter. Whether the occasion is a birthday, an anniversary, or early preparation for Mother’s Day, that is where a good gift comes in. Perhaps it is a sentimental tribute to the family that she was building. Perhaps it’s a cool gadget to keep her busy life going. Perhaps all that matters is that it comes from her favourite child (off course you).

She’s talented, caring and forgiving, she’s your mother. Love for a mother is pure and selfless. She takes care of us, she knows our favourite food, she puts up with our tanneries, without ever complaining. She’s always by your side no matter how grim the situation is.

We know how important our mom is to us and we are always puzzled to plan for the big surprise for our mom. Well, gifting in recent times has changed a lot and continues to evolve further. The advent of the online market has brought a great shift in the behavior of millennial gift buyers. Today, even the gifting industry witnesses various fads and trends in the market scenario like most commercial networks. So, keeping up with the latest trends when it comes to gifting your loved ones, chocolates still remain an evergreen choice. And what’s more, everyone loves to have a bite of their favorite guilty pleasure, don’t they? That’s the reason we have curated a complete list of chocolate ideas for our moms.

Chocolate bouquets
These bouquets are one of the most popular ways to treat your mother with a chocolatey surprise. Many online sites are delivering such specially-curated bouquets right at your doorstep so that you don’t waste your time more on the deliveries. The best part of these bouquets are they can also be combined with other gift items for a complete package. Well, in this case all you need to know is what are your mom’s favorite chocolates and simply wrap it in a bouquet to see her beaming with happiness.


Cookies and Truffles
The idea here is also the same, gift your mom a sweet delight that lifts her mood and lets the celebratory feeling kick in. When it comes to cookies you have lots of options and flavors to make a decent collection for your mother. Chocolate truffles are also another great option to diversify your confectionery ensemble. You can even add fortune cookies to the list and add more surprise to your gift while wishing your mom prosperity and happiness for life.

Paan Date Chocolates
Speaking of chocolate gifts, we can’t simply ignore this awesome delicacy. The pan date chocolates bring the classic mukhwas of India with the goodness of dates. While paan is a favorite dessert snack for most Indians, it also enjoyed its popularity among the royal families across the Indian subcontinent. So, if you’re planning to celebrate your mom as a queen, then lay across a delicious spread of these paan chocolates in honor of Her Highness!

Green Tea and Chocolate Collection
Moms are terrible when it comes to taking care of themselves and their health. Well, this gives her no excuses to start a healthy habit. Gift her a bag full or healthy snacks, green tea and chocolates. It will certainly make her happy and will help her to kick start some good fitness habits. You can also add a fitness book and some dry fruits to this collection and make your mom take the little baby steps on her new journey to stay fit and stronger.

Chocolates In A Personalized Box
Unique Personalized gifts have taken the Instagram generation by storm. While a lot of items can be personalized, getting your mom her favorite chocolates in a box filled with her pictures, will surely make her shriek in joy. Many online gifting sites customize the chocolate box with images and texts of your choice. Mothers certainly love these heartwarming gifts and preserve the box as a token of appreciation that you always wanted to speak to her.

With the list coming to an end, we hope that you have found the perfect pick for your mother. Send chocolates for Mother and make her beautiful day more special for her. Celebrate the ‘chocolate day’ with mom and spend some quality time with each other.