Does Malwarebytes work with Windows 10 Defender Security?

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Malwarebytes antivirus is a famous security program that protects your device from various threats. It also provides a layer of security to your data and application. Using multiple antiviruses on a device may interrupt each other. But Malwarebytes has a different interface where you can easily use it with another antivirus. In your Windows 10 PC, you can use Malwarebytes with your Defender by making few changes to the settings.

But sometimes users report that they are getting errors when they are using Malwarebytes with Defender. Malwarebytes will not open windows 10 until you make certain changes to the settings. However, there are various other reasons which can get you into Malwarebytes not opening errors.

Disabling Real-Time Protection in Malwarebytes

When you use another antivirus with Malwarebytes then you need to disable some of the tools. If you are using the real-time feature of Defender then you need to disable it on Malwarebytes to prevent the conflict issues:

  1. Open your Malwarebytes antivirus
  2. Go to the Settings 
  3. Select the Protection tab
  4. Click on Real-Time Protection
  5. Now toggle the switch of Real-time Protection tools to Off
  6. A User Account Control confirmation window will appear

Click on the Yes button and the real-time protection on Malwarebytes will get disabled.  malwarebytes not opening and check whether other tools of Malwarebytes are working or not.

In case you want to use the real-time feature of Malwarebytes then disable it from Windows Defender by following the mentioned steps:

  1. Open your Windows Defender Security Center
  2. Go to Virus & Threat Protection
  3. Click on Virus & Threat protection settings
  4. Toggle the Read-Time protection switch to OFF

A confirmation window will appear, hit the Confirm button and now you can use the real-time protection of Malwarebytes without any issues.

Clean the Junk and Temp Files

The error in using Malwarebytes with Windows Defender can appear when the temp files are interrupting certain processes. You need to delete all these files from your system. Go to the temporary files folder (type %temp% in the search bar and press Enter button) and select all the files. Press the Delete button from the keyboard and all the temporary files will get removed from the device. Now check for all the other junk files on the PC. For removing all the junk files at once; use the clean manager tool. Your Windows device provides the clean manager tool which scans for the junk files on your computer. You can run the clean manager tool by using the given steps:

  1. Close all the programs
  2. Click on the Start button
  3. Go to the Run bar
  4. Type cmd and hit the Enter button
  5. Permission window will be displayed
  6. Click on the Yes button
  7. Windows command screen will appear 
  8. Type cleanmgr and press the Enter button

This tool will start checking your files and folders for junk. It will take some time to complete. Now you will get a list of various items you can delete. Check the list and select all the items you can delete. Press the Enter button and all the junk will be removed from your device. Now restart the Windows 10 PC and now try to run Malwarebytes on your device.

Undo the Changes in Your System

If Malwarebytes is showing an error while working with Defender after making the changes on the system then revert them. You may have made some invalid changes to the system which start corrupting the Malwarebytes process. Go to your device and undo the change immediately. Now restart the system and try to run Malwarebytes. Sometimes users forget the changes on the system.

In those cases, you can use the restore tool. Windows provides you with an inbuilt restore tool for reverting the changes you made on your device. Open the PC and type system restore. Press the Enter button and the restoring tool will appear on the screen. Run the restoring tool by following the on-screen instruction and provide a restoring point. After restoring the settings on your device; run Malwarebytes and check for the error.

Disable Firewall in Windows Defender

Malwarebytes provides a firewall in its premium plan. If you want to use the Malwarebytes firewall then you need to disable it on Defender. Using the firewall of both security programs will conflict and starts showing your error. You can disable the firewall of Windows Defender by following the mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the Start button
  2. Click on Settings and select the Update & Security tab
  3. Choose Windows Security and click on Firewall & network Protection
  4. Choose the Network Profile

Go to the Microsoft Defender Firewall and toggle the switch to Off. On the confirmation window, click on the Yes button. Now open your Malwarebytes dashboard and ensure that the firewall is enabled. Restart your device and you can use the firewall of Malwarebytes easily. If you are getting any error while using Malwarebytes in Windows 10 then ask the technical team for help.

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