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DIMA WARRIOR – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence



Within AI several concepts like strong AI or true AI that refer to artificial general intelligence can be found, a hypothetical machine that represents behavior at least as skillful and flexible as humans do. There is general consent though, that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a superset of Machine Learning (ML). As a superset, AI has wide topics than ML, although there are few overlaps and hints more than just learning, like speech recognition and understanding, perception, creativity and intuition, contextual understanding within a conversation, and object manipulation. Self-driving cars, computer vision, and natural language processing (NLP) are some of the commercial applications of AI that represent the additions of AI over ML.

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning forbid cyber attacks?

AI and ML might become new paradigms for automation in cybersecurity. They allow predictive analytics to draw statistical inferences to reduce threats with fewer resources. Applications for automated network security include self-encrypting and self-healing drives to secure data and applications.

In the current world of data deluge, it is not possible for humans alone to analyze the billions of logs generated from the existing infrastructure components. Integrating AI into the existing systems including Security Monitoring Solutions, SIEM, Intrusion Detection Systems, Cryptographic technologies and Video vigilance systems may help in addressing many of these challenges to a great extent. Application of AI-based technologies into the prevailing systems will bring in much-enhanced systems that aid in better decision making.

Functionalities and types of AI Applications

The functionalities of AI make a considerable impact in key areas such as Data Mining, Pattern recognition, analytics, Fuzzy logic, development of expert systems, and fraud detection.

Some of the types of AI applications being used in cybersecurity solutions are Spam Filter Applications (spam assassin), Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Fraud detection, Credit scoring and next-best offers, Bonnet Detection, Secure User Authentication, Cybersecurity Ratings, Hacking Incident Forecasting

Working in Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an approach to the science of artificial intelligence. Some aspects that set Machine learning unique from other types of programming are the capabilities to learn from huge amounts of data using algorithms constructed by humans to accomplish tasks. The algorithms enable them to learn and adapt to new data so that the machine can think and act more like a human.

The algorithms that are used can be grouped under:

Supervised learning — the computer is provided with parameters or examples to compare with the data inputs.

Unsupervised learning — the computer is fed data and checks the relationships between the data by itself.

Limitations of Machine Learning

Once a Machine Learning solution is implemented, we need to ensure that we are detecting the exact thing. On top of that, testing and debugging is complicated, as we need to deal with a lot of uncertainties.

Costs of acquisition, operation, and maintenance are high. Also generally related to the highly specialized, scarce, and expensive expertise required.

The impact of regulatory Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity frameworks might be varied, involving privacy, data protection and other regulations affects automated decision making.


AI and ML are becoming integral components of cybersecurity. DIMA Warrior efficiently employs their capabilities at different levels with the aid of algorithms and techniques that can make your organization’s security run more smoothly and free up your time for other important tasks.

There are so many things that we can do to reduce the impact of a successful phishing attack. But like various things in information security, there is no possibility to completely eliminate the risk, so it’s important to proactively prepare an effective response strategy. 

Alert the Company

You must also notify the company that was specified in the phishing email about your experience. It may help them secure others from taking up the same fate. They must be provided with a method in place to help you when you contact them. Sometimes they might want you to forward the infected email to an exclusive email.

You can check the full email including header information which can provide a hint. In Google Gmail you can choose “Show Original” option. That’s the reason why the company might ask you to send the email.

A profound technique among attackers is to leverage appropriate access methods like VPNs and Citrix to maintain a presence within the network and retreat data. Following an attack, gather a list of the affected users and check to make sure that there are no current connections that shouldn’t be active.

DIMA Business Solutions’ DIMA Warrior, a DNS security product can actively filter the domains and other malicious sites that may lead to Phishing attacks. DIMA Warrior updates its Intelligent Threat Vector every 60 minutes so that it can provide high level of security.

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