Digital Marketing Trends You Can Expect in 2021

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has gained a lot of importance in the past few years. It is considered as the best way to promote your brand and attract customers. While companies are continuously putting efforts to get in touch with the latest trends, a lot of business owners want to be prepared for what is coming next. For this, companies rely on professionals that provide digital marketing services in London.

In this digital world, the use of social media is increasing day by day. Not only the number of users but the average time spent by them on social media platforms is also increasing. This has led to the introduction of digitalization in every field. The most important revolution is seen in marketing.

Here is the list of digital marketing trends you can expect in 2021:

  • Smart Voice Search

Multiple voice search devices with outstanding features have been introduced in the market. For instance, earlier, the voice search included only music, but it even allows the users to ask different questions. People can make use of Artificial Intelligence to seek an answer in audio form. This trend is expected to gain more popularity by 2021. It is expected that the Virtual Assistant will help the users to buy things according to their preferences. It will also enable the brands to motivate the users to become their customers.

  • Messaging Apps Marketing 

With the increasing usage of messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, companies have adopted the strategy of communicating with the customers through these apps. In the coming year, a lot of brands are expected to adopt this trend. It will help the users to obtain detailed information from the company. Moreover, messaging a person privately instead of the emails makes a person feel valued. Hence, marketing through messaging apps will definitely gain popularity.

  • Smartphone Compatible Ads

In the last few years, people have reduced watching TV, especially the ads. In addition to this, there are very few people who always have access to their laptops or computers. But smartphones are always accessible to everyone. More than 90% of the users tend to search for a product using their smartphone. So, companies should make sure that their websites are mobile-friendly. For this, businesses can seek help from a digital marketing agency in London.

  • Google Tag Manager

Google tag manager was released with the sole purpose of making it easy for the users to track the activity on their website. It enables the users to track the actions and any specific events on their website. The website owners can get all the information they want and customize it accordingly. With the help of Google Tag Manager, the website owners can share the data with Google Analytics, Google Ads, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, etc. With the increased use of Google Tag Manager, the effectiveness and the compatibility of this tool is expected to improve.

  • Chatbots 

People are more comfortable while chatting than calling. Due to this, a lot of companies have started assisting their customers through messaging in various apps. The customer support representatives chat with the users to solve their problems. But in the case of big companies, a huge number of employees need to be employed for chatting. Therefore, software engineers have developed Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots. The computer chats with the users and provides information accordingly. This has also reduced the need to hire a lot of people. So, large MNCs have already started using chatbots for customer assistance.  Hence, more and more companies will adapt to this trend by 2021.

With the increasing use of technology and digitalization in the daily lives of people, digital marketing in London holds a vital place. Business owners want to keep themselves updated with all the latest marketing trends. For this, contacting a digital marketing agency is important.  Regency Creative is one such agency that can provide all the essential services needed for the marketing of your brand or product digitally. 

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