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Different Uses Of Granite Worktops For Your Home

Different Uses Of Granite Worktops For Your Home 1

Granite is a very robust stone, and it’s also reasonably priced. Besides, it doesn’t stain quickly and is entirely available in a wide variety of colours and designs. That is why we believe that granite can be utilized almost everywhere in your home.

Here are some of the best examples of how you can integrate Granite in your own home:

Kitchen Worktops and Islands

Unlike the marble stone, granite doesn’t get damaged that easily; it would only need to be sealed every once in a while depending on how you use it every day (and what type of granite surface you have). It can also endure heat, very easy to clean, and is water-resistant. This natural stone can fit into any home because of the unlimited variety of styles and colours available in the market.

Granite is also an incredibly practical choice for kitchen islands. As previously stated, the high resiliency of natural granite stones gives it the ability to withstand stains, scratches, and heat. It’s incredibly sturdy, which means your children won’t easily damage the surface! That feature alone makes it the perfect material to use for families with small children.

Another great thing about this material is that it lets you install an under-mount sink. This specific type of sink cannot be mounted on plywood since plywood can cause a lot of water damage.

The reason why under-mount sinks are excellent is that it inhibits water from soaking around the edges, therefore, preventing any damages with the caulk and the worktop itself. Also, they give off a sharp, clean look to just about any kitchen theme.

The Backsplashes

Your kitchen backsplash should be a substantial barrier between the heat of the stove, cooking area and the wall itself. With granite’s high resistance to extreme temperatures, it’s just the perfect material for the job. It’s effortless to clean, and it doesn’t stain that quickly as well. Besides, if your backsplash and worktop are both granite stones, the continuity of the design would look excellent.

However, no matter how you take care of your backsplashes, it can still get dirty from everyday use so be sure to clean as you go. Regarding daily cleaning, it would be wise to utilize a microbial product that’s suitable to use on granite stones. Be sure not to use ammonia, bleach, citrus cleaners, vinegar, powder cleanser, and even bathroom cleansers. Even your regular dish soap cleaning is not entirely advisable, as it can build up over time.

For Tabletops

To make your dining table uniquely interesting, simply add granite on top of it, and you’ll get lasting value and a dazzling piece of furniture. Integrating granite tabletop can introduce a new level of style and sophistication into your home.

High-quality granite worktops are remarkably resistant to the huge amount of damages and pressure, but just like any other natural stone materials, they might eventually chip when exposed to hard and heavy objects, especially against the edges of the counter.

Enhance Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are often the centrepiece of your living room. Incorporating a granite mantle would instantly catch the eye of your guests, as there’s just something about granite stones that looks so refined and classy. Also, as it is heat resistant, you won’t have to worry about it being easily damaged.

Chic Bathrooms

Granite is considerably resistant to water and moist. It’s not as absorbent as marble, so it’s not likely to develop water stains overtime which makes it an outstanding material to use for your bathroom.

Still, prevention is always better than cure so be sure to seal off your granite to prevent water from seeping into the surface. How often should that be? That entirely depends on how you maintain and handle your worktops, as well as the kind of granite surface you have. Some need to be re-sealed annually, while others can last beyond that period.

If you want to DIY your way into completing this task, you can undoubtedly do so! But if you’re not too confident with your DIY skills, then better hire a professional contractor who knows how to get the task done.

Your imagination is the only limit on how you could fully utilise granite worktops in your home. This natural stone is beautiful and versatile enough that you can use it for almost anything!


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