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Different Styles of Fashionable Ladies Blouses to Suit Your Style


When you are in the business of selling wholesale blouses which retailers will buy from you to sell to their customers at a higher price, it is imperative that you offer retailers a wide selection of lovely blouses that are attractive and that offer many different styles. This is due to the fact that the customers of the retailers are all different in their type of preferences. Also, it is realized that people need different styles of blouses for different occasions. For example, someone is not going to wear the same blouse to work everyday. Even if they get the same style blouse in different colors and only wear one style of blouse, this would be quite boring. Most people do not do this. The truth of the matter is that most people tend to desire different looks for their wardrobe. That is why we now mention different types of blouses to suit one’s style.

Asymmetrical blouses

Truly asymmetrical blouses are a wonderful option. They offer an extra flare of style for those who want to stand out and who want to appear a bit edgy. Those who wear blouses that are asymmetrical at the hemline are making a statement that they have a high sense of fashion and that they do not want to blend in with the crowd.

Batwing blouse

The batwing blouse is also sometimes referred to as a magyar blouse. This blouse has a sleeve length that is long with an arm hole that is rather deep. The material from the armhole is wide and tapers down at the wrist. It somewhat gives the appearance of wings. It is a pleasant blouse that adds drama to one’s outfit when someone desires to feel extra sophisticated. This type of blouse makes a great statement for a celebration, such as attending a ceremony where someone is being recognized with an award.

Boxy blouse

A boxy blouse is one that is more loosely fitted. It has more of a boxy shape, which is why it is referred to as the boxy blouse. It is common for these blouses to have shoulder pads and they are often fabricated with the usage of material that tends to be thicker. This is due to the fact that the shoulder pads and the thicker material help to contribute to the desired boxy effect of the blouse. This blouse is great for those who also are looking to make a unique statement with their wardrobe. This type of blouse pairs nicely with a well tailored skirt. This is a great blouse for those in leadership at a corporation who want to emphasize their leadership by the kind of clothes they wear, as the boxy style tends to promote a sense of authority for a person.

Blouson blouse

The blouson blouse fits the body in a loose manner. But the waistline usually has a hem that is cinched. There is the placement of elastic or a drawstring in order to draw in the blouse to enhance the cinching and to make more fullness above the cinched area. This blouse is elegant in style and can be a great option for a romantic setting, such as going on a special date. It pairs nicely with a long flowing skirt to make a truly elegant statement.

Cape blouse

The cape blouse is noted as possessing a cape at the collar. It covers the front and back of the blouse. Usually the cape covers most of the chest area and rests just above the elbows. This is a dramatic blouse that shows style and sophistication. To add extra drama to this blouse, it is nice if a woman who has long hair wears her hair in some sort of up-do in order to show off the cape. It is also nice to add a beautiful thick necklace that will rest on the front of the cape for an extra glamorous appeal.

Wrap blouse

A wrap blouse is sometimes also referred to as a surplice blouse. This type of blouse is regarded as possessing part of the bodice that wraps to the other side of the blouse The wrap blouse makes a stunning silhouette and helps to define one’s figure. It helps to provide the appearance of having a smaller waist and works well for even those who do not really have a small waist.

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