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Diesel consumption for 100 kva generator

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There are various reasons why a force generator is required in business or home. Before taking a rental generator, we think about the size and force of the generator, given our need.

In the present world, it is normal practice to utilize generators. In this blog, we will discuss the 100 Kva generator. 

At the point when you consider getting a generator, first, you will choose what size generator to take. In the event that you have picked a diesel consumption for 100 kva generator thinking about your generator use, at that point you ought to likewise think about its Diesel Consumption. 

The Diesel Consumption of a generator relies upon its innovation and Diesel type. First, you need to think about 100 Kva generator innovation. 

100 Kva Generator Technology 

  • Diesel System/Type – CRDI/HSD 
  • Lube Oil Capacity (l) – 4.5 
  • Appraised Power (kW)- 31.4 
  • Yearning – TC-IC 
  • Cooling Systems – Liquid Cooled 
  • Cooling System Capacity (l) – 5.5 
  • Motor Speed (rpm) – 3000 
  • Overseeing – Electronic/Synchronous 
  • No of Cylinders – 2 
  • Bore/Stroke (mm) – 87/100 
  • Dislodging (l) – 1.2 
  • Pressure Ratio – 17.5 : 1 
  • Diesel Tank Capacity (l) – Approx 75 

100 Kva Generator equipped for giving solid force flexibly to offices of any multifaceted nature – both as the fundamental and reinforcement wellspring of power. 

You can make general thought of Diesel Consumption level of 100 Kva generator by counseling the proprietor’s manual guide. Producers generally rate generators at hours per tank or gallon at a 1/2 burden generator limit. This ought to give you a gauge beginning stage. From that point, you can make sense of your particular needs remembering that higher burdens request more Diesel and lower loads utilize less Diesel. 

Rough Diesel Consumption of 100 Kva Generator: 

The Diesel Consumption level of every 100 Kva generator is unique, contingent upon the sort and motor. Here we are revealing to you a surmised esteem. At the point when you purchase a generator model, it is essential to think about its Diesel Consumption from the seller. 

¼ Load (liters/hr) 


½ Load (liters/hr) 


¾ Load (liters/hr) 


Full Load (liters/hr) 


100 Kva Generator Feature: 


we all in all acknowledge diesel is extensively more traditionalist than petroleum. This is the explanation the running cost of 100 Kva diesel generator set each hour is much lesser than that of an oil genset. There are moreover eco-accommodating and can convey more force per liter of diesel than the generators running on some other Diesel. 

Low Maintenance cost: 

100 Kva DG Sets commonly don’t have any radiance interfaces their engine. In various kinds of generators, these are the parts that require standard upkeep and replacement of fragments. The nonattendance of these in a 100 Kva DG set suggests that they require low upkeep and are staggeringly tussled free. Subsequently, by buying a 100 Kva DG set you can get a good deal on a lot of upkeep costs. 


The 100 Kva generator sets are expected to be trustworthy. Their unpleasant and strong arrangement makes them ideal for action extensively under problematic conditions, without needing common help. 

You can pick a model dependent upon your necessities and can then viably get it from the market. 

Low Noise: 

100 Kva generator sets are made an unimportant commotion. The generator creates to spread the 100 Kva generator by the soundproof safe house, with the help of covering we can lessen generator sound level. They’re fenced in areas that are connected to be soundproof and cause the least vibrations. This makes them condition pleasant and ideal for movement in nearby areas. 

Here is the significant point you’ll have to gauge Diesel Consumption request: 

  • What is the generator size? 
  • At what burden will the generator be worked? 
  • How long will the generator be work? 


A force blackout is an uncommon encounter and is normally brought about by strange or sporadic circumstances. This implies reinforcement power generator is significant piece of our life for carrying on with agreeable life. In this blog we are sharing Diesel Consumption of 100 Kva generator and significant purpose of 100 Kva generator. 

In the event that you need to get a generator on the lease or purchase another generator, you can contact our EO Energy group.