Damaged eyelashes after extensions: do false eyelashes damage the natural one


Eyelash extension and thickening allows us to enjoy the effect of beautifully framed eyes for up to many weeks. These kinds of treatments are meted out by people with extensive experience, beginner beauticians,, and even amateurs. We are often undecided who we’ll find ourselves with, and thus how the styling is made. Notably, the eyelash’s natural life cycle is about 90 days and therefore the stylist never knows during which phase of hair growth she is doing the extension. Additionally, there are many pros and cons to performing this kind of treatment on natural eyelashes. Our concerns are growing because of lots of knowledge on this subject within the media. What are the results of eyelash extensions?


Eyelash extensions are a procedure that needs precision, experience,, and proper preparation. At the start, an interview should be conducted to exclude problems with the eyes and their surroundings, make-up removal of the eyes, and prepare the materials needed for the procedure. Then, the length of the false eyelashes is adjusted to the natural ones, and also, the eyelashes are glued at intervals of up to 1 mm from the eyelid. Because of this application, false eyelashes don’t irritate and don’t cause allergies. Unfortunately, beginners without experience often stick hair too near the eyelid or directly thereon. They also use an excessive amount of glue, thus causing the eyelashes to stay together. The regrowth of hair begins to harm us, and our eyelids itch. Consequently, we rub the attention area and contribute to the damage of natural eyelashes and their breakup.


Incorrect application of false eyelashes may cause them to disturb us. The eyelids can itch, which frequently ends up rubbing, scratching, or picking at the eyelashes. As a final resort, we often tear out our hair ourselves and contribute to their destruction. Additionally, rubbing your face against the pillow while sleeping and particularly the attention area can break and thin the eyelashes during a given place. For Long and Thick Eyelashes you can use Buy Careprost and Bimat eye drops

 We quickly get won’t to the range of gorgeous eyelashes and forget what our natural hair seemed like before the treatment. After removing artificial eyelashes, they appear shorter and thinner. If the extension has been done correctly, it should be just an illusion. However, this doesn’t change the fact that perhaps our natural hair has been weakened.

SO the way to take care of THE LASHES AFTER FAKE REMOVAL?

It’s best to attend up to many weeks for them to return to their original state. We will invest in an exceedingly good eyelash conditioner and introduce products rich in vitamins and minerals to the daily diet, which will help rebuild and regenerate the hair. If our eyelids aren’t irritated, we can use a conditioner with Careprost and Bimatoprost Online, making our natural eyelashes grow longer, healthier, and darker. Therefore the first effects are going to be noticeable after three weeks.

One of the most effective products for eyelash growth is. Most ingredients in Careprost are bimatoprost Online. Like Careprost, Super Las was the first wont to treat glaucoma. It stimulates active eyelash growth. To take care of the obtained effect, the drug should be used frequently.

Careprost contains several side effects: discoloration of the upper eyelid and changes in pressure.

How to help eyelashes

Their strengthening and nourishment facilitate the restoration of the cilia. When caring for flowers, we also must continuously monitor, love, nurture and nurture ourselves. When there are enough useful elements to our eyelashes, they become thicker, longer, and fuller. For this purpose, many technologies and miracle serums are developed, including the Chinese remedy for eyelash growth and plenty of European and folk ones – anything your heart desires.

To our great joy, today, it’ll be easy to search out and choose the right medicine or eyelash care product. In modern laboratories, many scientists and cosmetologists create improved cosmetic products daily. Eyelash growth products are not any exception, and they need a profound effect at the molecular level. The provision and style of oils and other substances for hair reconstruction is additionally pleasant. Particularly noteworthy is that the lack of contraindications to use, hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly ingredients. They permit the utilization of funds even during pregnancy.

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