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Building a new home, whether from scratch or renovating an existing house, is a journey about the discovery of who you are, what you want, how you want to live, and where you want to be. In terms of the result, everyone has their own set of aspirations and goals. The process of designing a home is extremely demanding and difficult since it is a critical step in bringing your vision to life. You are investing your lifetime investment in something and with no doubt, it is going to be stressful. 

Apnahousee. pk is the one-stop solution for all planning to construction. We can guide you through every step either it is choosing the plot, getting a house plan, or constructing the house. 

Why Us? 

If you may believe you can build a house on your own, putting together a team of tried and tested experts is the better option. You wouldn’t defend yourself in court, after all. So why wouldn’t you put your most valuable asset in the hands of a seasoned team that won’t be practicing on your dime? Architect and a builder are going to be your ultimate support system if you planning to build the house in near future. 

But do you know where to start? The answer is fairly simple to visit our website and view multiple house plans at one time. We connect you to expert architects and contractors, who give you complete guidance in process of building the house.

Services We Offer

Apnahouse. pk is an advanced-level E-commerce website that aims in automating the planning and designing sector of Pakistan. The traditional process of getting a house plan to first find an authentic and expert architect. The architect would give you options according to your design preference and family size. Before the initial layout of the plan, you have made the down payment, and if there any changes in the layout architects charge extra. 

How we have automated this time taking and the long process is that we provide a wide range of already built inventory of architecture house plans. You can surf through various house plans easily, without making any down payment. The house plans are available at 1/3rd of the market price only on our website. You can easily add a plan to the cart and the whole architectural set would be delivered to your house the next day.

We provide four main architectural designs:

  • Spanish
  • Contemporary
  • Classic
  • Traditional

If you do not like already displayed house plans, we provide you with the option to customize the house plans. You can integrate the feature you like with the help of expert architects, available on our website easily. Any house plan can be customized to suit your budget, lifestyle, and design preferences. There is no such thing as a small or big project. The architectural design team is here to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

As opposed to hiring an architect to design a custom house plan from scratch, customizing a pre-drawn house plan saves you a lot of money. Once you view a house plan on our website that partially fulfills your requirements, you can click on modify the plan. The architect of that house plan will get in touch with you and will modify it according to your preference. 


After you are done with the design phase, we can connect you to our trusted contractors, who will help you to build a house. The contractor would be managing your day to day operations at the construction site. It would be his part of his job to provide all construction materials and equipment needed throughout the project. Plumbers, painters, and other specialized subcontractors will be hired by the general contractor to work on various aspects of the project. General contractors would be in charge of overseeing all subcontractors on the site and keeping them on schedule. Our trusted contractor would not only do the site provision but timely achieve construction milestone, maintain the budget and ensure the quality of work. The contract would also update you regularly so you’re also aware of the construction process. Hiring a good contractor that you can trust is a difficult task. If you planning to build a house, only use trustworthy sources and be aware of scams. To avoid getting scammed on your lifetime investment hire a contractor through 


Besides that, we provide free consultancy for the legal validation of plots. We assist with connecting you to the governing body. If you have chosen a plot in society and want to check its legal status. You can click on get quote on our website and send us your query. We would not only update you on its legal status but also tell you its dimension status. 


Usually, the plot buyers do not give importance to the dimension status of the plot and it is one the most important thing to check if you are planning to build the house. It is important to check if the plot is a corner plot or has any other dimension. It is also better to check if the plot you are buying is near to the market area, your workplace, and your children’s educational institute. You do not want to drive for an hour to reach work.



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