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Complete Guide of Cloud edge app login process

Complete Guide of Cloud edge app login process 1

CloudEdge has developed its application providing a set of video service platforms for your family members as well as for official work. It can also work as a security camera for your home or industry. It is used to setup zumimall cameras. Here are some of the Cloudedge App Features-
Real-time video playing
You can see what’s happening in your Home no matter what time it is, where you are, you just need a mobile phone network. Then you will be able to check the live status of your camera. You can easily check the previous hours recording also.

Video backup
You can replay the past videos that have been recorded by the application. The limit of your video is based on your hard drive or camera. You can easily extend or increase the memory of your hard disk drive.

Motion alerts
The CloudEdge app sends you an alert message whenever it captures a body in motion. Whenever someone is covered in the camera area then it will notify and send the notification to you. Motion alert feature is very helpful for alertness.

Two-way voice transferring
You can easily talk to your family members or office employees with the two-way voice transferring feature of the CloudEdge application.

High-quality picture
You can see every object or person clearly with the High definition picture quality accessed by the cloud edge application

How to login into CloudEdge app

If you want to login on the cloudedge application then firstly you need to register your account on this application. After successful registration, you can easily log in to CloudEdge application by following the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Enter the username(It must be the same valid email address that you have entered while registering to CloudEdge).
  • Enter the same password that you have entered at the time of registration. It must be between 6-20 digits/characters in length.
  • Select the country name(You must select the same country both the times)

Now the CloudEdge app login process is finished. These three steps are very helpful to login you on your cloudedge application. You just need to know about to add the camera in the CloudEdge application.

How to add the camera in the CloudEdge application

When you have successfully logged into the application, add the cameras to start the proper functioning of the application. Follow the given steps to go through the zumimall camera adding process:
* Plugin the power supply interface of the device using a 5V/1A power adapter.
* If you have an outdoor camera with an external antenna, then connect the camera to the antenna first.
* The normal indicator will start twinkling red when the device is successfully connected.
* Bring the device close to the router so that it can get an uninterrupted wifi network while adding the device to the camera setup.

This process will help you to Login you on the cloudedge app. After the successful login you have to finish to add the camera in the CloudEdge application process.

Issues regarding CloudEdge application with solutions

Like all the other applications, the CloudEdge application users also face some problems. Some of the common issues and their solutions are mentioned below:
Issue 1. The device is not indicating the red light.
Sol^n: Put the screen of the mobile phone parallel to the lens of the device.
The distance between the screen and the lens should be 15 cm.
Clean if there is any stain on the device lens.
Issue 2. The phone is not receiving any alert messages from the device.
Sol^n: The notification of the CloudEdge application in the phone settings might be disabled, enable it so that it can receive messages from the CloudEdge app.
Issue 3. Not able to add a device on cloud edge.
Sol^n: The device might not be in the red flashing state, make sure that the device emits a red light twinkling two times a second. If not, press the reset button to set the device to factory settings. Then, you will hear a ‘Cuckoo’ sound that means the device has been added.

In case of any issue while login into the cloudedge application. If facing any trouble in a zumimall camera then we are always available to provide help. Just need to get connected with us for more details and information. Always feel free to contact the forums or officials. Many types of issues you will face in the future then don’t panic to contact us.

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