Common Myths About Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer


Accidents are scary. No one is prepared to deal with incidents like this. If you have been in a situation where you have suffered injuries because of the negligence of another person, you can hire an experienced and reliable personal injury attorney Sacramento to file the personal injury lawsuit. Since there are many myths swirling around the lawyers, you may hold yourself back from taking the significant step.

You may be eligible to file an authorized personal injury case against the defendant and recover compensation, but you are probably not doing it because of myths connected with attorneys. 

Personal injury lawyers can be a crucial element in getting you the compensation you are entitled to after you suffer an injury due to someone’s fault. A good lawyer will help make the personal injury lawsuit a smooth process and damage recovery. 

Keep reading to know what are the top myths that prevent them from taking the assistance of an attorney and file a case.

  • Lawyers are expensive to hire

The most common misconception around hiring lawyers is that hiring them will cost them a lot of money. Most lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means you will only pay then if you win the settlement and recover the compensation. A part of your monetary reward will be taken as their fee.

  • I will receive the compensation by filing a claim with the applicable insurance company

Yes, you can file your auto accident claim for compensation with your insurance company without hiring an auto accident attorney Sacramento. However, insurance companies will try their best to reduce the amount of compensation.  Thus, you are likely to fail in receiving the maximum compensation possible from insurance agents. There can be more damages than you think and insurance companies could settle you for less.  A lawyer will assess your damages correctly and will help you get maximum compensation for your damages.

  • Personal injury lawsuit takes so long

This is not completely a myth, but most personal injury cases are settled out of court and don’t even make it to the trial. So, there are high chances your case could be settled even before the trial. Most cases can be resolved in 4 to 6 months.  Factors such as the complexities involved with your case, and how quick the lawyer is working on your case, will determine lengthy your case will be.  The personal injury case can take up to 1 or 2 years also.

  • Every personal injury lawyer have the same job to do

Personal injury cases are a broad category; there are many cases that come in this such as an auto accident. Slip and fall, dog bite, product liability. Lawyers have different specializations in different cases. Many have experience and expertise in particular cases, while some deal with some types of cases more than the rest. If you want help with a slip and fall lawsuit, you can’t go to Sacramento Bicycle Accident Lawyer thinking he will handle your particular case.

  • I Have Insurance So I don’t need a lawyer

Yes, you have insurance, but your medical insurance company will offer you very minimum medical expenses for your,  you will never get the actual amount from them which is actually spent for your medical treatment. You have to pay it form your pocket though you are totally innocent. A personal injury lawyer always help you to get the fairer compensation as per your medical insurance.

·        I suffered from minor injuries, So I don’t need lawyer

Let think  you are involved in a bike accident, and on the sport you find that you are absolutely okay. You don’t have any kind of broken bones or any kind of cuts or wounds and you don’t need any ambulance. But some time later you have find that your shoulders are stiff and there are no sense at all , which you never felt before. At this time a insurance company always try to deny you as there are no major issue, in this situation your lawyer will help you to get the actual money for your treatment.

·        Fight for More Money is unethical

When you get injured for an accident due to carelessness of someone else, in this situation you have fully right to  defend for  compensation for the  medical treatment of your injuries. If you missing your work for your injuries, with rightfully you should claim for the compensation. It does not mean that your are wrong or greedy – it is totally justified and ethical.

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